1987 VW Westfalia Weekender

by Jax

We love to stock "The Mothership" and take off to explore the Cascade Mountains, the ocean...or well,, anywhere! We often will even enjoy our Westy in the driveway! Given our mild Winters, it has been a joy to camp year round. Comfortably fits two adults, a 9 year old and 3 Scottish terriers and all their gear. The absolute freedom to go anywhere, do anything is one of the biggest adventures of all. The van is loaded with lots of nooks and crannies to tuck your stuff, it's design is amazingly efficient. She makes packing or unpacking a breeze. Driving above the front wheel gives you a connection to the road, the experience of driving, that exceeds any other driving experience...as you fly to your destination...wherever that ends up being. Our van is a Weekender model, and it's great to have the extra room. It sleeps two adults upstairs and two downstairs comfortably. With a quick pop of the pop top and an unroll of the awning, home is set up. Our 9 year old loves to read, color or draw while we travel, and the dogs love to nap in the back.

We adopted her a few years ago from another couple who were her birth parents. You don't buy a Westy, you adopt one! And the people you meet...everyone has, has had or knows someone with a bus...and we often are greeted with smiles, waves and peace signs wherever we go.

The Mothership is on her original engine, in mint condition and will be a loving member of our family for generations to come. She is not for sale at any price. We did modify a little bit, despite being diehard on keeping her all original. We did opt to remove the refrigerator and replace it with a portable toilet bench and stepping stool for balcony access. Now all our basic needs are handled and we are not under any limitations.

If you want to have both the comforts of home and the absolute freedom to go anywhere at the same time, the VW Westfalia is it.

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