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Camper Van Fun News, Issue #001 -- Happy Times
October 29, 2015

Camper Van Fun at it's Best

Camper Van Fun News brings you the latest additions to my personal experience and beyond related to the amazing world of campervans.

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Camper Van Fun

Issue #001, October, 2015

Camper Van Fun was started purely from my passion of traveling and discovering Europe in a practical self sustained vehicle. To take matters even further, I decided for some reason or another to build this particular vehicle using my own two hands.

I was a what you might call a new kid on the block ten years ago and the camper van information was scattered all around the net. So I decided to build my own website that would cover everything from building, buying or renting your very own campervan and the best possible way to use it and with a few travel tips to go with.

Another reason for the work that I chose to do is the fact, that many people keep on asking me the same questions all over again. How to use it and when and where to go.

To fast forward the last ten years of my camper van life, well, my wife and I traveled all around the Mediterranean and Alpine parts of Europe, got married on the beautiful island of Crete in our van and to top it all of, our amazing twins joined us on our adventure in 2011.

And we didn't stop here. If you carefully follow Camper Van Fun, well then you know that we live in Slovenia. This is a beautiful and compact country, neatly nestled between the European Alps and the Adriatic sea where everything is just an hour away. It's a perfect getaway to the many mountains, rivers, lakes and great cuisine.

So we took one step further with our family based camper van rental company Spicy Campers. We're located just about an hour from the Alpine world of Italy and Slovenia and the amazing coast of Croatia. Practical travel vans and individual attention is what we offer with great pride and all I can say is that we had an excellent experience with visitors from around the world just by being what we are!

Well let's have a brief retrospective here...

Why A Pop Top Campervan?

When I started playing with the idea of having a recreational vehicle more than ten years ago I surely didn't know what to choose from. Larger motorhomes are comfortable but if you use it only a few times a year, well, no thanks.

The pop top Westfalia concept from the 1960's was something that always gave me that perfect feeling when I saw one. It is also the only vehicle that can perfectly meet both worlds, a daily driver and a travel vehicle all in one compact package.

So the answer to my question was obvious and I looked no further. No other vehicle could meet my humble needs better than my homemade Volkswagen camper. There are many other brands using this unique concept today and I have a feeling that the pop top concept is making a large come back solely do to it's perfect versatility! Continue reading here:

Homemade Campervans

I can't exactly pinpoint the reason that made me plunge into building my own campervan. I guess that it was a combination of my friend building one before me, the fact that I saved money doing it and the fact that I build it the way I wanted to. It took me quite some time and not to mention my nerves, but it's still on my driveway almost ten years after.

If you consider building your own campervan you do need to prepare yourself beforehand. You also need a place to do the work and some appropriate tools to go with. Some folks are able to build one on their driveway, so no excuses here...

I started of with a book, internet and some friendly advice from a friend that converts vans for a living. I don't have two left hands, however I never done anything like that, but the whole project turned out remarkably well and my family still spends the best moments traveling with it.

Continue reading here:

Travel Slovenia, The Hidden Gem Of Europe

There are many beautiful countries in the world but there is only one which contains word “love” in its name. It’s Slovenia. Many people write its name as sLOVEnia to highlight this word.

Slovenia is a small country in the heart of Europe with small and beautiful cities and friendly people. On its small territory you could easily find lakes and sea shores, flat-lands and Alpine mountains, marshes and green fields. Walking or hiking alone will take you to many hidden corners of our country and even my family hasn't seen all of them.

Many people also found their second home in Slovenia. Well I can't blame them, specially the ones coming from large and overcrowded cities. Slovenia only has one and even Ljubljana is considered one of the smallest and most beautiful capitols in Europe!

More about traveling around Slovenia:

Introducing The Best Way To Discover Slovenia, Croatia, The Alps And Beyond.

It took almost 2 years to launch Spicy Campers of the ground and after our first full season behind us, all I can say is that we're super excited about it! We just had an American couple coming back today. They made a 6000km trip to the spectacular Dolomite mountains and all the way down through Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece to top it all of. And they loved it! Well one thing is for sure, our guests love Slovenia much more than I ever expected. Yes, it is an amazing country, however rediscovering all this natural beauty through a fresh pair of eyes is so refreshing. Most of them just love the compact and manageable size of our country, Slovenian hospitality in general and the diversity of the landscape.

Croatia and the stunning Croatian coast with it's natural parks such as Plitvice lakes and Krka waterfalls is the other preferred route. You just can't beat cruising down between limestone mountains and the crystal blue Adriatic sea. It's what we often look forward to ourselves and recommend to all our guests. And they do all came back with large smiles!

One thing we noticed is that most of our guests come to us without any plan of where to go and what to see. So what we do is sit over a map with them and try to find a suitable itinerary. And realizing this, we will try to make a large plastic map with most of the spots of interest marked on it for our next season.

We'll take care of this and some other small surprises over the winter. In the meantime please give it a thought. If you or anybody else you know is planning a trip to explore Slovenia, Croatia or any other countries around us, well please do consider Spicy Campers for your ride! We'll be happy to have you on board... More about our Spicy Campers:

Well that's all for now. Now that our first Spicy Campers season is more or less over we need to take of the our campervans. In between I'll tie up a few interesting articles to keep the spirit going!

Wishing you a great fall season, Greg

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