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How A Camper Van Project Became A Website

Hi, my name is Greg. An adventurous soul to say so, therefore I love to travel, discover new places, meet new people and enjoy their local food and spirits.

I live in Slovenia, a beautiful small country nestled between the stunning Alps mountain range and just barely touching the crystal blue Adriatic sea is where I come from. A wonderful country to explore and a great starting point for camping adventures around Europe!

Camping and exploring the diversity of this world has been my favorite all time activity since I was a small kid.

Just a short drive separates me from the Adriatic sea, therefore I developed the rather easy going Mediterranean life style. Travel, explore, eat and sleep are my favorite hobbies. The healthy Mediterranean food is a very important part of life here. So it's fruits, vegetables, pasta, olive oil and sea food. And a glass of wine is almost a must...

I have tried just about anything in the camping world. Backpacking and sleeping on the beach in my sleeping bag, tent camping, camping trailers, traveling and camping with my motorcycle and...well I often slept in the cockpit of sailing boats on our sailing trips.

I just love the fresh air and open spaces.

Even driving a heavy truck around Europe was a nice, close to camping experience for a couple of years.

Kayaking in Sloveni

The Mediterranean sea and the mountains are my hiding places now. And Morocco is close enough for a more exotic adventure. You got to love these people. Always smiling, shouting and trying to sell you something. And they have great, mostly natural grown food.

The great outdoors is where I feel best. The beauty of nature and it's wild life never seems to disappoint me. Sometimes I could just walk for hours with my dog and explore around.

My Camper Van Conversions

For years I was discovering Europe on a motorcycle and a tent in the back. It was my riding buddy that started his first camper van conversion at that time for no apparent reason. He just felt like it. And it was at this moment that I started thinking about it myself.

Camper van on Cret

Well it took me another year or so to the point where I said goodbye to the motorcycle world. The love of my life came around at that time, so I bought a Citroen Berlingo in 2003 and put a mattress on a wooden frame in the back in 2004. And off we went discovering the coast of Croatia in our new mini

The next year I discovered roof tents and I ordered a German Autocamp Family 190. It was a fabulous tent, mounted on the roof of my mini van with the largest bed I ever had in my camping years.

Winter leisure time and skiing gave me another project to think about. I always had a soft spot for Volkswagen campers and it became an obvious choice considering the fact that I was looking for a smart all purpose vehicle.

So I checked around, bought a used Volkswagen van and plunged in the build your own camper project. It seemed like a good idea, just to see what I can do with my hands. This amazing vehicle moved my girl and me to our new home, took us to the exciting Greek island of Crete where we were married and to many other adventures afterwards.

My friends and many people down the road asked me a lot of questions about my camper van conversion and the lifestyle my wife an I enjoy. It made me realize that a lot of people are searching for information and building a website seemed like a good idea.

But Me Building A Website...?

I was the last guy to have a cell phone in my town and I sure didn't know anything about computers nor how the damn things worked anyway.

It was in 2004 that I discovered Google, not knowing exactly what it was of course. I only knew that if I typed words in the little box in the center of the screen, a menu like page would pop in front of me with a lot of different information.

But I kept on searching and discovering the net out of my own curiosity for the next few years.

It was at the end of 2006 that I was searching for different topics related to camper van travel and how to build a homemade camper, when I run across a website about a couple traveling for a living. The "About Us" page explained how they built a website and even made money with it. There was an SBI banner in the text, I clicked on it and checked it out.

Yes, I had my second thoughts about it as well. There are a lot of get-rich-quick money schemes on the net and I sure didn't want to be the next guy handing money to them. But there are times in your life when you have to follow your heart, just because it feels right. So I did. And I needed a new experience...

SBI stands for Solo Build It! and will help you to create a website about your hobby, passion or your existing off-line business into a profitable on-line business.

SBI takes you by the hand through the world of the internet. They explain everything in plain English. They have all the tools you'll ever need and most important, a forum and a great support team to help you out whenever you get stuck.

All you need is your brain and motivation.

Using SBI tools, you'll be guided all the way through the building process. They will help you pick out you niche, tell you how to build a great website about it, how to get traffic and even how to make money using various monetization models used on the internet.

I build this website, being a total computer dummy remember, and so can you.

Take a look at the Video Tour just to get the idea how it works.

And check out the hundreds of successful SBI websites created by people like you and me. All of these are on top positions in the web.

You will notice a wide variety of topics, so there is absolutely no reason for another topic (yours) not to jump in.

Is it easy? Well yes and no. There is a lot of information to understand. It's almost like being back in school. But you do get to write about your own passion and you do it for yourself and for your audience.

And You get to create it at your own pace. The more you put in the more comes out. But behind the scenes, there is a lot of work to be done. It's a job.

Take it like flyin' a 747 Jumbo Jet. You need training, but you'll fly it by yourself...and guidance will always be there to assist you.

Some people need weeks, some months, while others take a year or so to grasp everything. Don't rush and get number bound because,,,

...once you get the first 20 to 30 pages on line, you will be amazed at how it works and in a couple of years you'll be ready to pick the fruit.

I've been running this website since 2010 at a steady pace, my Own pace. It makes some cash on the side and I know there is a lot more to be done. But the effort I put into it can be seen on daily bases. A lot more stimulating than doing a 9 to 5 job.

Where does the money come from? At the moment, mostly with Google ads you see on most of my pages. Every time you click on one I get a small commission. There is a variety of other methods and they are all covered in SBI.

I'm talking about affiliate links, selling other people products or services, your products or services.....you name it and then try to sell it on the net.

And it gets a lot easier, once your website is fully established. Check out these case studies from other SBI-ers, to get some more ideas and to grasp the real power of a website.

Down the line it will all depend on the topic you write about, your passion and motivation. You'll have a world wide audience at your finger tips and this is demanding. But you can make a regular job out of this or just some money on the side and most important, always at Your own pace.

Remember, this just might be the next important decision you make in your life!

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