Adventure Trailers

Adventure trailers are tough build expedition vehicles all ready for off road action. These lightweight aluminum camping trailers offer a lot of comfort far away from home. They come in various shapes and sizes, use galvanized steel frame, aluminum bodies, large wheels, durable suspension, a heavy duty axle and off road couplings.

Fresh running water, propane stove with a propane bottle, refrigerator, lots of storage room and sleeping space for two or more persons are standard on most models.

For all your electrical appliances there is usually an auxiliary deep-cycle battery with a charger, 12 volt outlets and anything else you might need.  You can power it all by using solar power if you stay at one place for a longer time. Otherwise the auxiliary batteries will do just fine.

All these vehicles can be towed with almost any kind of off-road vehicles including 4x4 camper vans. The trailer designs come roughly speaking in three different versions.

  • cargo trailers
  • trailers with roof tents
  • tent trailers
  • small trailers in teardrop or regular versions

The first three models are more or less a simple "box on two wheels" concept. The other trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cargo Trailers

Off road cargo and utility trailers are usually used when extra storage space is needed and for external kitchen utility. They can either be custom build or homemade.

Off road cargo trailer.

They're great to use with 4x4 camper vans, just in case you're short on cargo room on for your adventure.

I don't want to repeat myself over and over again, but even these models naturally come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are simply roof tent trailers, only without the roof tent, which can of course be fitted on any time later on in case you need extra sleeping room.

Roof Tent Trailer

Adventure tent trailer.

Roof tent adventure trailers are made of galvanized steel chassis, aluminum body on the top and large wheels. The body itself is used as storage space and holds everything you need for an overland adventure.

Fresh water tanks, fully equipped kitchen with a two burner stove, auxiliary batteries and the list goes on. All the basics for a camping trip on the back roads are taken care of.

The roof tent is fixed on the top lid of the trailer. Most manufacturers use their preferred roof tent model, but you can use any model you want to.

Tent Trailer

There are not that many manufacturers on the market. They all use similar solutions, but still manage to come up with some interesting and different models.

Holtkamper Kyte

Whatever the concept, the main tent is packed in the trailer and covered either by a soft cover (tarpaulin) or a hard top. The whole set is erected in a few minutes. After that, you have to take care of other accessories like the awning, the additional bedrooms, poles, pegs, strings and so on.

Various materials used for the tent canvas are modern day light and rot-free durable fabrics, that will last for many years of adventures.

The kitchen unit on these camping trailers is usually mounted in a aluminum box either at the front or the rear part of the trailer.

Some models feature a detachable tent, so you can use the trailer alone for various other reasons. I guess that carrying cement or wood would be out of the question here.

In the video below you'll see three different concepts of all terrain tent trailers.

Other Adventure Trailers

These camping trailers again come in a variety of different models. This is the land of small teardrop trailers, pop top trailers and other small units.

Australian off road teardrop trailer

Heavy duty is the norm for any adventure trailer here. These are normal trailers with an insulated sandwich panel body construction, carefully selected plywood interior, storage wardrobes, cupboards, sleeping up to four people and offering everything an outback trip requires.

And a fully equipped external kitchen with a double burner stove, fridge/freezer, water tank, and even a portable camping toilet, just like the smaller trailers but with a lot more comfort.
South African Jurgenssafari has the finest models on the market.

In fact most of the best adventure trailers are made in South Africa, Australia and United States. These are all of course large countries with lots of wide open spaces.

Tim Bowden takes you to a great adventure in the Australian Outback. He loves traveling with his wife Ros, their four-wheel drive and camping trailer, and setting up camp under bush skies.

In Down Under in the Top End he combines all three to take us on one of the world's great road trips, from Australia's east coast to the Top End and into the heart of the outback.

So if need some extra storage for your adventure vehicle, one of these trailers might be your perfect travel companion. You can find some interesting models and accessories on Amazon. Just search the box below and see what you can find...

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