by Ashraf Ali Babar

Have a nice day VW lovers, I come from Pakistan and I love to visit beautiful places. For this purpose I purchased a 1974 VW Camper in the 1980s that I bought from Pakistan Air Force with extra spares.
After overhauling it, I started traveling throughout my country with my kids. In first years we faced lot of problems due to weather conditions of extreme heat, therefore air cooling system had tons of issues.
After some time I converted it to water cooled 1600ccm engine and we never faced any problems again. One thing we still have trouble with is spare parts which are still not available. We purchase them from UK or USA which are very expensive of course.
But we our family loves the van, because of its suspension system and comfortable driving. We travel throughout our country very easily.
Whenever we make a travel program without our Volkswagen Camper, our trip is incomplete as he is our right hand that we love so much.

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