Best Grills For Camper Vans

The best grills for your camper van conversions are obviously portable grills. A portable grill is easy to store and comes packed up in a handy carry bag.

It was quite a while ago when I visited one of those Travel & Camping exhibitions in Munich, Germany. I wasn't trying to find anything in particular, just poking my nose around camper vans and camping gear. It feels great being around things that excite you.

Okay, I was doing a little bit of research for my first homemade camper van project to be honest.

So I come up to this small crowd of people in a semi circle and there was smoke coming from the middle of it. And the aroma was awesome!

I pushed my way up front and there was this fine looking girl mixing up food in something that resembled a Chinese wok. She started passing the food around and explaining something in German, a language I barely understand a word of it. But I do try my best...

Well what she was selling was a small and portable South African Cadac safari chef propane grill. Until then I had never seen one of those and it perfectly fit my bill.

Later on she explained how everything worked and I went home with a brand new portable grill. To say the truth, it's one of the best grills available. It includes five interchangeable cooking surfaces; BBQ. Non-stick reversible griddle, wok and dome.

It's a perfect camping companion for all your camping trips. Lightweight, packed up in a neat portable bag and cooks and grills anything from a pot of coffee in early in the morning to a nice tuna steak for dinner when the sun goes down! How practical can that be?

Which Best Grill?

A small and portable grill basically comes in three options.

  • Propane grill which can run either on small cartridges or household propane bottles.

  • Charcoal grill if you don't want to bother with gathering dry wood all around the place you're staying.

  • Campfire grill which can actually be used with charcoal or over an open fire.

Cadac portable camp grill.

For people like me that always like to be on a move or if you mostly stay in places were the use of open fire (including charcoal) is forbidden do to a fire hazard, a propane grill is the way to go.

I just hook up to the external propane extension I've inserted on the lower part of the van's panel with a quick coupler, heat up the grill plate, a bit of olive oil and I'm done.

If you don't mind waiting for the charcoal to start burning, a portable charcoal grill will do the trick. And the food just tastes a little bit better on it...

For an advanced gastronomic experience the portable campfire grill is the best you can get. The taste of food done over an open fire is something that makes me drool just writing this page.

But remember that you have to use it where an open fire doesn't present a hazard to the environment. And don't forget the part about gathering enough dried wood.

Obviously the best grills for the camper van population are the portable and neatly packed up in a carry bag units. Camper van conversions only have a limited amount of storage room, so this is actually the best choice you have.

Or you can just give up grilling, but for some reason I've never gave it a thought.

There are quite a few models to choose from. has many types of portable grills on stock.  Search in the box below, take your time, read all the reviews and decide what you really need.

But whatever you choose, you'll always have your great camping food ideas on your table.

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