Camp Grill For Awesome Meals

A camp grill is an important part of my basic camper accessories.

I mean c'mon, could you really imagine a camping trip or traveling around the country without the occasional grilled meat or a fresh catch of fish? Get serious, please!

It's a lot of fun and quite easy to do. Plus you don't get all the pots and pans mess all around you.Traveling around in my Volkswagen camper only allows me to carry along a small and portable propane grill due to the lack of storage room. I have a small household propane bottle stored in my van, which I use both for the stove and the grill.

I even routed a gas extension to the lower left side of the van. Using a quick-coupler and a long gas hose allows me to use the grill or the portable stove around the van.It's one of those neat additions that make life so much easier.

Well I know that food tastes a lot better when it's grilled on charcoal and it's far more tasty smoked on real wood over a campfire grill.But, I do that back home on many occasions.

Using a portable camp grill for some grilled fish on the road!

However, I happen to travel a lot in the Mediterranean parts of Europe and guess what? Open fire grilling is forbidden in many places as it presents a large hazard to the dried out vegetation.

Believe me, as I saw it with my own pair of eyes quite a few times. It's hard to believe how a small spark gets the fire fast on it's way when the wood and grass hadn't seen a drop of rain for several months in a row.

These facts make a propane grill the best and safest option.

What type of camp grill will do the best for you?

It all depends on your favorite camping spots and the amount of storage room you can spare for of camping grill. These three types of grills are usually used for different outdoor experiences.

Note that all these models are available in compact and portable versions with carry bags, just in case you're short with storage room.

  • Propane  grills
  • Charcoal grills
  • Campfire grills

Propane grills come in different forms and sizes, depending on your needs of course. They're set up in minutes and once hooked up to a source of propane, you can start grilling immediately.

A great feature the smaller models have is the possibility to operate them using a small propane cartridge or simply hook them up to a regular household bottle. Something you probably have on board your camper van.

The larger grills just need more time for the setup and a larger storage space of course.

Charcoal grills are great and the food does have a better taste. If you don't mind waiting for the charcoal to start burning and a little bit more cleaning to do afterwards, go for it. Don't forget that you'll need to stash a sack of charcoal somewhere.

Campfire grills are a totally different thing. If you have the possibility to grill over a fire with some real wood around, this is the real stuff. Just make sure the open fire doesn't present any hazard to the environment and that you can gather enough dry wood in the area.

The food grilled and smoked over some natural wood has an awesome taste and the only thing you need to worry about is the scent of your food getting other folks around you hungry.

In gastronomic terms of flavors and aroma, this is the next best thing to perfection.

A camp grill has many shapes and sizes. Before buying one take some facts in to consideration. Your storage capacity and places you will use your camping grill are two most important factors. And there are quite a few camp grills you can choose from. has many types of camping grills on stock. Use the search  box below, take your time, read all the reviews and decide what you really need.

And when you do, get all of your outdoor grill cooking recipes out of you sleeve and start grillin' on you camp grill!

I wish you Bon Apetit !

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