Camper Accessories For Your Next Adventure

A few basic camper accessories will make life much easier on a camping trip. But try to keep things simple and enjoy what the nature has to offer. This is what the adventure is all about in the first place.

My friends are more or less aware of the fact, that there is nothing in the world that I love more then camping, so consequently they sometimes ask me for some advice about accessories. The first obstacle of course is the price. Quality accessories do have a higher price tag and adding it all together, can sometimes bring out considerable numbers. Buy quality and keep it for a long time, that's all I can say from my personal experience.

How about some cheap camping equipment? Well, unless you can get some great discounts on "after season" sales, my answer is a straight no.

There are two sides to cheap camping equipment in my experience. While the initial price might be tempting, the quality in most cases will be rather poor, so on the long run, you'll be buying new camper accessories every season or so. It's far more convenient to buy quality products if you're planning on any serious long term camping adventures, because the accessories simply last so much longer and perform better.

A camper van with Autohome rooftent and other camper accessories

Most of camper accessories can be bought on line of course. And if you're anything like me and just hate running around stores and shopping centers, well it's the way to shop.

And before you go out shopping, give your priorities a second thought. Think about what you really need and how many people will be traveling with you most of the time. Will you be able to fit everything neatly in your camper van or any other vehicle?

If you need more storage room, Fiamma and Thule have a large selection of roof boxes or carry all boxes that can be fit on bike racks in the back for any kind of camper van conversions. And a hand made aluminum storage box will do the job just as well.

Basic Camper Accessories

Now let's take a look at the list of some basic accessories that will be most commonly used on your outdoor adventure...

  • Folding camping chairs and camp tables are naturally on the top of the list, as they let you relax and enjoy the the outside world. But you can just roll out a blanket if you wish so...
  • Camper awnings might be the next accessory on the list. They will protect you from the sun, the rain and the leaves falling in your cup of coffee.
  • RV refrigerators will keep your food and beverages cool. You can choose anything from a simple cooler box to a portable or a built in refrigerator.
  • Portable camping showers will take care of your basic wild camping hygiene needs, but you can still consider just simply jumping in a river nearby if possible!
  • RV solar power is a clean way to power your electrical appliances and the batteries if you plan to stay close to the sun.
  • A privacy tent can be a useful accessory if you happen to be in a crowded place.
  • A camping water purifier is a must camper accessory, if exploring and van camping in remote places of the world is your way of life.
  • An adult scooter bike is perfect for moving around on a light and easy to handle vehicle. You can easily use it around the city, a relaxing trip to the countryside or take it on your next holiday adventure.
  • And don't forget about the essential camping gear. The little things that you don't want to leave without.

You can also check out our camping equipment store and see if you find anything that you might need.

These are some of the most common accessories to start with and enjoy on the adventures to come. Feel free to search the Amazon box below, you might just find something that you need.  Remember, you're out there to enjoy what the nature has to offer and not to endlessly play and display your toys. Well, at least that's the way I see it...

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