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Therapy Camper

Five years ago I was in a tragic car accident. Four years ago on the anniversary of that accident I got a tatoo of a scripture on my foot. Three years

Continue reading "Therapy Camper"

Campervan Conversions And Small Campers

Campervan conversions have been around since the 1950's now. Mini camper vans and homemade campers and why are we still using oil to move them...

Continue reading "Campervan Conversions And Small Campers"

Cascade Campers

As a longtime VW camper enthusiast we wanted to create a modern equivalent. It needed to be a rig that was as comfortable on the daily commute as it is

Continue reading "Cascade Campers"

Converting Transit Connects into Glampervans

My company, Glampervan, is now converting Ford Transit Connects (2010-2013) to our proprietary design. Check it out here: Rob Novotny

Continue reading "Converting Transit Connects into Glampervans"

Kosmik Army Edition 4x4

Fiat Ducato 2,5TD 70kW type 280 made in 1989, Cosmos Weinsberg camper van. It was rebuilt 2015 was to 4x4 by me. Now I plan some higher clearance and bigger

Continue reading "Kosmik Army Edition 4x4"

Rescued From 12 Years Of Storage In Western Montana!

I found this jewel hiding in western Montana a couple of years ago and have since resurrected it! Despite the odd color, I like it. It's a 1972 Kombi

Continue reading "Rescued From 12 Years Of Storage In Western Montana!"

Dream Come True

My love began in the late years of high school, early years of college. Tried to buy a 70's pop top but was a few bucks short. Flash forward 20 or so

Continue reading "Dream Come True"

Girl Traveling Full Time In Self Converted Renault Kangoo

Hi fellow mini camperists! A couple of months ago I've decided to give up my job and my home in North of England to travel with my dog Odie. I decided

Continue reading "Girl Traveling Full Time In Self Converted Renault Kangoo"

RV Refrigerators - Van Campers Cool Storage

RV refrigerators come in four basic versions. Passive coolers, thermoelectric coolers, compressor units and absorption refrigerators and freezers.

Continue reading "RV Refrigerators - Van Campers Cool Storage"

Campers World - Outdoor World Camping

The campers world is all about getting back to nature and enjoying the great outdoors. Are you ready join us?

Continue reading "Campers World - Outdoor World Camping"

A Camper Village For All Seasons

The camper village concept emerged from the ever increasing number of people traveling or even living full time in their camper van conversion or larger motorhome.

Continue reading "A Camper Village For All Seasons"

Camping Box For Small Campers

With an addition of a camping box, your van or MPV will turn in a comfortable mini camper van conversion in a matter of minutes. It's a camping gear storage and a comfortable double bed all in one.

Continue reading "Camping Box For Small Campers"

Camping Food Ideas And Easy Camping Recipes

Get your easy camping food ideas purely by inspiration visiting the local open markets, fish markets or stoping by the road when you see locals selling their home made products.

Continue reading "Camping Food Ideas And Easy Camping Recipes"

Portable Camp Toilet - Camping Toilets

A portable camp toilet has become an important part of camper accessories. Portable toilets come in many shapes and sizes and can be used either for camping or in every day life.

Continue reading "Portable Camp Toilet - Camping Toilets"

Adult Scooter Bike And Kickbike Scooter For Kids

An adult scooter or a push scooter is great fun for kids and adults plus an ideal form of exercise for you entire body.

Continue reading "Adult Scooter Bike And Kickbike Scooter For Kids"

Sup Paddle Board In My Camper Conversion

The SUP paddle board is the most practical and exciting way to explore the world from water and a great companion for my VW camper adventures!

Continue reading "Sup Paddle Board In My Camper Conversion"


Have a nice day VW lovers, I come from Pakistan and I love to visit beautiful places. For this purpose I purchased a 1974 VW Camper in the 1980s that I

Continue reading "Babar"

Romahome R10 Solo

I am a full time house sitter, filling in the void periods wild camping in a Romahome R10 Solo. This is the cheapest living option I can find and living

Continue reading "Romahome R10 Solo"

Outdoor Travels In My camper Van

Spice your outdoor travels with a push scooter, a sup paddle board and hiking. A whole lot of fresh air activity for all ages!

Continue reading "Outdoor Travels In My camper Van"

Miss Lucy With Our Little Blister Behind Her.

Miss Lucy is our 1974 VW van that we have had a few years, Worked on her heart this off season and made it run a little faster, Then we picked up 2007

Continue reading "Miss Lucy With Our Little Blister Behind Her."

Europe Travel Tips - How To Travel In Europe

Europe travel tips from our scenic trip through the Alp mountains all the way down to Provence in France with our twins and our Volkswagen camper van.

Continue reading "Europe Travel Tips - How To Travel In Europe"

Past and Future

In 1989 I converted a 1977 Dodge B200 Tradesman into a camper van. We bought it from a guy that had just recarpeted the inside of the van. It was one of

Continue reading "Past and Future"

Perfect For Family

Thank you for your tips, they are really valuable, because we can see pictures. People, who travel know this special feeling and ready to work hard to

Continue reading "Perfect For Family"

Ford Transit Connect Camper

My small Ford Transit Connect T230L Van 1,8TDCI 81kW diesel minivan was bought second hand in Holland and shipped to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Then in

Continue reading "Ford Transit Connect Camper"

Great Little Mini-Van

I am a widow in my seventies and built this design for my Ford Transit Connect. I have taken six trips in it this summer and it has been wonderful.

Continue reading "Great Little Mini-Van"

Town Car to club wagon E-350 always living in a Ford Go figure I been A Chevy Man all my life.

I've been living the grid on again off again trying to find my balance and yet maintain my sanity for many years and have done so with the barest of necessities.

Continue reading "Town Car to club wagon E-350 always living in a Ford Go figure I been A Chevy Man all my life."

What I have told some friends

What bothers me the most is when I try to tell anyone the story about this subject they just look at me like a deer in the headlights! They cannot wrap

Continue reading "What I have told some friends"


A very versatile vehicle, I use for my hobby of flying airplanes, going to work and monthly camps. We sleep in the back with inflatable bed and erect a


Subaru Libero vintage "Poldo"

Our mini camper is the Subaru Libero from 1987, called Poldo. Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to have fun with! With everything inside needed to travel

Continue reading "Subaru Libero vintage "Poldo""

Small Campers For The Real Camping And Outdoors Adventure

Small campers are a combination of various compact solutions like the roof top tent and the camping box. They will transform your average vehicle to a comfortable camper in a matter of minutes.

Continue reading "Small Campers For The Real Camping And Outdoors Adventure"

Vacation In France - Pure France In A Camper Van

Our picturesque camper van Vacation in France. Through the European Alps to pure France in Provence and Cote d'Azur.

Continue reading "Vacation In France - Pure France In A Camper Van"

VW T4 Camper Van Conversion - Evolution Of VW Camper Vans

The VW T4 Camper Van Conversion and it's North American counterpart, the Eurovan Camper are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road even today.

Continue reading "VW T4 Camper Van Conversion - Evolution Of VW Camper Vans"

Camping Tent Trailer - Lightweight Camping Trailers

Camping tent trailer and small camping trailers are an evolution between tents and trailers. They are rather easy to use and offer comfortable camping.

Continue reading "Camping Tent Trailer - Lightweight Camping Trailers"

Small Camping Trailers - Lightweight Camping Trailers

Small camping trailers. Cargo, roof top, expedition and teardrop camper trailers are a great and easy to tow travel companions for any kind of adventure.

Continue reading "Small Camping Trailers - Lightweight Camping Trailers"

Vintage Travel Trailers And Vintage Campers

Vintage travel trailers, vintage campers and other retro style things always put a smile on my face and fill my heart with pure joy. Lot's of joy!

Continue reading "Vintage Travel Trailers And Vintage Campers"

Croatia Beaches - Travel In Croatia And Discover Them One By One

Croatia beaches are my favorite playground since my youth. Visit Croatia and discover this amazing and diverse coast.

Continue reading "Croatia Beaches - Travel In Croatia And Discover Them One By One"

Just Kampers - Taking Care Of VW Campers

Just Kampers is the leading company providing the VW camper vans and Beetle community world wide with a large selection of parts and accessories.

Continue reading "Just Kampers - Taking Care Of VW Campers"

VW Kombi - The Legendary Volkswagen Van

The legendary VW Kombi or the Type 2 Volkswagen van is with no doubt the most famous van in the world. It can do just about anything, but fly to the moon.

Continue reading "VW Kombi - The Legendary Volkswagen Van"

Best Grills For Van Campers

The best grills for your camper van conversions are portable grills. A portable grill is easy to store and comes packed up in a handy carry bag.

Continue reading "Best Grills For Van Campers"

Camp Grill - Best Grills For Camper Van Camping

A camp grill is an important part of the basic camper accessories. Camper van conversions only have a limited storage room, so a portable grill is probably the best option you have.

Continue reading "Camp Grill - Best Grills For Camper Van Camping"

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