Versatile Camper Van Conversions

Camper van conversions are made from ordinary panel vans. While the basic bodywork is already done, all you need to do is figure out how to optimize the use of inner space at your disposal to fit your needs to the best before the actual camper van conversion takes place.

Panel or passenger vans come, like most things in this world in three basic sizes. Small, medium and large. That simple. On larger models you will usually have three different roof heights and three different wheelbases to choose from.

However, all of them make an excellent base vehicle for a great camper. The one that will let you explore and discover far beyond anything else, beside you own two legs. Which you should use as often as you can by the way.

You can either have them made for you or build them all by yourself. With a bit of creativity and some spare time, you can get a very practical and cheap all purpose vehicle.

Camper van conversions are smart, practical, easy to drive, economical and perfectly self contained vehicles. They will sleep 2 to 5 persons and can take you to your favorite place far away from the crowds or just help you out in your every day life.

A vintage Citroen HY camper van conversion

These are all purpose vehicles for traveling, camping, enjoying outdoor recreation, visiting shows and concerts, traveling for work or you might even consider it your mobile office. Some people even took a step further, unplug from the grid and now live in their camper van conversions full time.

A camper van conversion can be pretty basic with just a bed and some storage space underneath. On the other side you will find fully loaded and insulated high end camper vans.

Cupboards, closets, storage room, kitchen with a sink and furnace, fridge, often even a small bathroom or at least a portable camping toilet so you don't have to wonder outside on a cold rainy night are common equipment. An optional heater will keep you nice and warm all night long if you plan to stay in cooler climates. All this in the comfort of your camping van.

A practical all purpose van used for camping trips

A very practical every day solution is a mid-sized van for example. Large enough to carry up to five passengers and loads of camping gear, this basic vehicle is used by many tent or caravan camping families all year round.

There are many professional converters out there that can help you with your van conversion on a highly professional level, using hand made high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Some of them, like the North American Sportsmobile, or the worldwide known German Reimo for example, can offer you either a complete or a partial van conversion. But if you have a tight budget and some DYI skills, you can build your own camper just the way you like it!

So If you already have a camper van or maybe perform any kind of van conversions, feel free to share your camper van conversion using the form below!

Camper Van Conversions Yesterday

The camper van conversion concept saw the day of light back in the 1950's. It was the German Westfalia, that came up with the first camper on wheels concept based on a Volkswagen van or the VW kombi as most folks remember. Westfalia camper vans or VW camper vans, name them however you want, but the legend was born. The legend that set the standard for all camper vans and motorhomes of today.

And the legend lives on...

Volkswagen Westfalia baywindow camper van conversion

Other companies saw the potential in this newly expanding niche and followed the same path, yet the concept always remained the same. Using a working box van as a platform for converting it either to a passenger van or a camper van.

Ford vans are also a favorite base vehicle for conversions since the 1960's, that's why you will find  Ford camper vans of all ages and sizes a common sight around the world.

Throughout the years camper van conversions grew in size, roofs got higher to give you more headroom, insulation and heaters improved to keep you warm at night, and the interior layouts changed throughout the years, to optimize the use of space inside these little engineering marvels.

Today you can still see a lot of vintage campers loaded with camper accessories happily enjoying the outdoor world and camping around. Their owners usually don't feel any need for modern day luxury and are quite happy with the little things in life that count most. It's the adventure and the easy going lifestyle that has the important priority for them.

A vintage Volkswagen camper van conversion

But then again there are folks that have adventure running in their blood and have no second thoughts about touring the world in an old  van!

Having so much history, you can also find various books all about topics involving camper vans. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

Van Campers Today

Modern day camper van conversions like the Sprinter van for example, are of course slightly larger and technical superior to their ancestors of the past. The vans have powerful and fuel-efficient engines and the driver gets a modern day cockpit with all the amenities of a modern passenger car suitable for long trips.

The interiors use lighter, durable materials and can be loaded with up to date technology off all kinds if you wish so. The guys from GTRW obviously do an excellent job at that.

Adria camper van conversion on Fiat Ducato

You also have a wide variety of basic vehicles that can be used for different types of camper van conversions. Everything from cozy mini-vans, practical travel vans, or any other kind of small campers with just a double bed and some storage space, up to fully equipped larger van campers. You can even choose between four different roof heights...

  • Normal roof - A perfectly simple camping van for singles and couples if you don't need standing height.
  • Pop top or elevating roof - A fiberglass roof that opens up giving you more than enough standing room and an extra double bed on the top. The sides are made from durable fabric materials of different types. A pop top camper van is with no doubt the real all purpose vehicle!
  • Raised roof - Most commonly used and offering you standing room throughout the van camper.
  • High top roof - Extra height allowing a double bed to be installed and pulled out from the top of the camping van.

And if you wish to push the limits? There are various exciting hard core 4x4 camper van conversions available just ready to hit the open track.But down the road the basic concept remains the same. Converting a simple van to an all-purpose camper van the best way possible.

Today many people choose to live in them full-time. Either because they have to or because they want to. The daily routine of our life sucks to be frank and more and more folks are changing it for the better. They wish to really "Live" their life. Living in a van is purely a freedom of choice.

Bob Wells is a veteran full-time living in a van person and he also wrote an excellent book about. It's all about how and why to live in a vehicle of your choice. He cuts the ABC of van dwelling to slices and dices.

Bob is a typical American guy, that had previously enjoyed the benefits of the all American dream illusion. A family, the house, the mortgage and lots of toys in the garage. Deep down himself he always new some things just don't add up but he kind of went with the flow.

If you wish to join the vandweller community you must get a camper van or a similar vehicle  to start off your new adventure, so...

All the camper vans for sale are found worldwide in various media sources or you just might want to keep a close eye on the road looking for ON SALE signs of course!

And don't forget about camper van insurance before you hit the road. The brown stuff usually happens when you least expect it...

And Your Favorite Camper Van Conversion Is?

There are many camper van conversions touring around this beautiful world. Old-timers, brand new conversions and anything in between. If you have your own camper van or just had seen one that knocked your socks off, I'd love to hear from you! Everyone would love to read your favorite camper van conversion reviews.

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