Camper Van Rental Australia

Camper van rental Australia? I guess this is one of those "must-do" things in your life that you should consider if you love to travel. Well I know for a fact that a lot of folks do. Including myself, I won't argue about that.

Why? Australia is an exciting and colorful country. It has something for everyone. From the golden beaches on the coast line to the spectacular landscapes in the vast Australian Outback.

The Outback cities, towns or the unique national parks and other Outback attractions are just waiting there for you to explore and enjoy. If you enjoy camping and outdoors, this is the place to be.

Australia's natural beauty in the humble comfort of your camper van. Explore and travel at your own pace. Stop and relax whenever you need to or find a free spot and pull up for the night. And save some money while doing it.

A typical camper van rental from Australia

There is no need to pay for any other accommodation here, because you will travel, eat and sleep in the comfort of your camper van.

Well you can always take the bus if you like...but then you'll miss all the fun, freedom and adventure of the open road.

Camper Van Rental Australia Facts

Australians love camping, therefore you can find a camping site just about everywhere. And once you leave the crowds and cities behind, you can almost always find a free camping place.

4X4 camper van rentals will take further and deeper in the Australian Outback

Australia is a large country, with a great network of roads. And it would take at least a year to slowly experience and absorb all the natural beauty it has to offer. So whatever amount of time you have available, take it easy and drive at your own pace.

There is no point in rushing from one attraction to another. You'll be just driving and taking pictures... how fun is that?

Camper van rental in  Australia offers all kinds of vehicles to suit your needs. You can choose anything from a roof tent or budget camper, pop top camper, high top camper van or any kind of larger campers.

If you want to venture of the beaten track, 4x4 camper vans are you best option. They will get you to the most remote corners of the Australian Outback far away from the crowds. The campfire under the thousands of stars, remember?


Camper van rental in Australia is possible at many rental companies. You can find anything from large international companies to a small family operated business.

Larger companies have vehicle Pick Up and Drop Off points available in most cities and towns. Others specialize only in one part of the country.

All the rental camper vans usually have all the basic cooking and camping equipment you will need on board. So there is no need to carry your camping gear around the world. But be sure to check everything before you hit the road.

Camper Vans Australia - Before You Hit The Road

There are a few basic rules and facts that apply to most rental companies, so do check them out before you go on a trip.

  • The minimum age required is usually 21 years in order to drive a camper van.
  • Expect to pay the initial refundable insurance fee, covering minor damages to the vehicle. If you return the vehicle undamaged, the fee will be refunded.
  • Sometimes there will be extra gear available at the additional cost. Bike racks, bicycles, GPS units and so on. Check around and compare the prices to get the idea.
  • Check for various restrictions a company might have. Limited mileage or any kind of road restrictions might not be what you're looking for.
  • Make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly upon your arrival. Take a look at the tires as they are very important for you safety!
  • Check the engine oil and other liquids in the engine compartment. Then hop in the drivers seat and inspect all the controls.
  • Make sure all the doors open, close and lock!
  • See that everything you payed for is on board. Is the gas bottle full? All the pots and pans present? How about the bedding...are the sheets clean? Are the water tanks full?
  • And if you want some 4x4 action, see that the vehicle of your choice is capable enough to meet your demand. 4x4 camper vans are capable enough for most people, but if you need some hard-core 4x4 action a 4x4 truck might be the thing you're looking for!

Camper van rental Australia stands for a large selection of vehicles. Large companies rotate their vehicles frequently while others keep older vehicles to keep the prices down.

There is nothing wrong with an older vehicle when properly taken care of. Eventually almost all vehicles will brake down at some point so let's just hope it doesn't happen to you!

Like anywhere else in the world, consider booking in advance. And if you're planning your trip in the high season make that months in advance! But if you have a choice, the low season is a much more friendly option. The airfare and rental prices are usually lower at those periods.

You can book either at your local tour operator or on the web. And check the fly and drive packages for prices.

Australia is a large piece of land, therefore some planning in advance is more than required. Tina lives down under and she can help you out in many ways, so visit her at

A lot of free camping opportunities here. So when you take advantage of these spots in the wild nature... ...please, pick up your garbage or rubbish after you! Plastic bottles, empty beer cans and paper plates do not simply disappear in thin air! Unfortunately some people obviously think they actually do that!

A camper van rental Australia is a once in a lifetime adventure for many, so do get the most of it. It's more then worth it!

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