Camper Van Rental - The World At Your Own Pace

Try a camper van rental for the experience. If you love to travel and need a practical vehicle for the trip, a camper van will do just fine. Or just try one of these practical campers, just to see if it fits your lifestyle before you head out and buy  one.

Pick your favorite destination, find a travel van rental company of your choice, take care of appropriate reservations, and enjoy your trip at your own pace. It's actually that easy.

Travel, sleep, cook and eat in the simple and humble comfort of your camper van. Enjoy the sunset planning your next destination. Have a cup of coffee in the morning, just slowly absorbing the landscape and breathing the fresh air.

Meet the locals and invite them for that cup of coffee you have just prepared, listen to them, talk to them, and enjoy the local customs they offer. Sometimes they might have some fresh local fruits and vegetables or a fresh catch of fish for you.

And even if you go to the other side of the world, don't be afraid of people like some folks are, just because they watch the news too often on their TV's. Because all we really are is just a tribe of many colors and nothing else. Everything else is just our ego...

Discovering the world with a camper van rental

Don't make up to much plans. You can't see half of Europe or any other country in two weeks, right? France too hot for you this summer? No problem, turn up north and travel to Norway for example. Stay as long as you like at one place if you like it, and leave in a few minutes if you don't.

This is the true freedom and adventure of traveling in a camper van.

There Is A Lot To Discover Out There...

You can choose any kind of vehicle you want. A nostalgic trip with a Volkswagen camper van or a cheap campervan rental with a simple and basic vehicle. And if you need a little bit more comfort, the choices are unlimited.

It really doesn't matter if you're just a graduate backpacker traveling with friends, a family with kids or just a couple of seniors with a large desire for a great adventure.

Australia is one of the favorite continents for a camping van adventure. With a few populated coastal areas and the vast Australian-Outback, this country is just made to be discovered!

And while you're wondering down-under, there is New Zealand all ready for a cool van adventure.  Greener and smaller then the neighboring Australia, but with many beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains.

Our camper van rental in Slovenia is an excellent way to explore the back-roads and small towns of Europe if you're not in a hurry. From the breathtaking scenery of Slovenia to the easy going lifestyle of the Mediterranean Croatia or the European Alps. A must in the spring time!


Try a camper hire in France for instance. All that rich history, stunning landscape, lavender fields and excellent food and wine! Many other countries can be discovered with a camper van rental as well. Travel the Americas, they all have a lot to offer to any adventure traveler. Don't forget Africa, the mother of all adventures!

And there are more then enough cheap campervan hire companies around the world to meet your budget.

Before You Hit The Road With Your Camper Van Rental

There are a few basic rules and facts that apply to most camper van rental companies, so do check them out before you go on a trip.

  •  Usually you have to be at least 21 or older and have to obtain a valid drivers license for at least 2 years in order to rent or hire a camper van.
  • Expect to pay the initial refundable insurance fee, covering minor damages to the vehicle. If you return the vehicle undamaged, the fee will be refunded.
  • Sometimes there will be extra gear available at the additional cost. Bike racks, bicycles, GPS units and so on.
  • Check around and compare the prices camper van rental companies offer to get the idea.Check for various restrictions a company might have. Limited mileage or any kind of road restrictions might not be what you're looking for.
  • Make sure you check the vehicle thoroughly upon your arrival. Check the tires as they are very important for you safety!
  • Check the engine oil and other liquids in the engine compartment. Then hop in the drivers seat and inspect all the controls.
  • Make sure all the doors open, close and lock!
  • See that everything you payed for is on board. Is the propane bottle full? All the pots and pans present? How about the bedding...are the sheets clean? Are the water tanks full?
  • And if you need some action, make sure that the vehicle of your choice is capable enough to meet your demand. 4x4 camper vans are capable enough for most people, but if you need some hard-core 4x4 action a 4x4 truck might be the thing you're looking for!

Large camper van rental companies rotate their vehicles frequently while others keep older vehicles to keep the prices down. There is nothing wrong with an older vehicle when properly taken care of. Eventually almost all vehicles will brake down at some point so let's just hope it doesn't happen to you! And even if it does happen to you, take it as a part of the adventure.

Consider booking in advance. And if you're planning your trip in the high season make that months in advance! But if you have a choice, the low season is a much more friendly option.

You can book either at your local tour operator or on the internet. And check the fly and drive packages for prices.

There are many free camping opportunities. So when you take advantage of these spots in the wild nature...

...pick up your garbage or rubbish after you!

Plastic bottles, empty beer cans and paper plates do not simply disappear in thin air! Unfortunately some people obviously think they actually do this.

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