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Camper vans for sale can be found on various locations either on line or off-line. It takes time and a bit of resourceful thinking from your side to pinpoint the camper van conversion that will perfectly suit your needs and fit the bill. To say the truth, it took me about a couple of years or so, before I actually decided upon what I really need.

But before you begin your research on van campers...Once you decide on what you need, try to capture an image of the camper van conversion of your choice in your mind for several seconds in a row and many times per day ...well keep on repeating that image for several weeks or months in a row. Something like daydreaming.

It's an understanding from the emerging new world unfolding right before our eyes that many people don't wish to accept. It's called creating your reality with the power of your mind.  The manifestation of you thoughts if you will. But be careful about what you think of.

It worked for me, but I believe in the yet unknown. And a homemade camper project was something I just had to do. Testing my abilities sort of thing.

Camper vans for sale. Austrian Possl camper van convrsion based on a Citroen Jumper.

First ask yourself what do you really need. A fully equipped camper van conversion or just a getaway vehicle for your weekends. A vehicle you can drive every day or a camper that will mostly occupy your drive way?

How many people will you carry around and how much storage room do you need. My Volkswagen pop top surely doesn't meet everybody's standards about capacity, but I do manage the four of us to comfortably sit inside of it.

Not to mention all of our camping accessories. Okay, to overcome the storage room problem, I checked out some of the mini cargo trailers and bought one soon after my twins were born. It's all about the minimums and trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Camper vans for sale come in many shapes and sizes and I discussed  many different types of camper van conversions throughout this website, so feel free to browse around.

To keep it simple, you can choose from these three options:

  • New camper vans
  • Used camper vans
  • Homemade camper vans

New camper van conversions are based on currently existing vans and the conversion itself is performed by various professional conversion companies throughout the world. These conversions are generally not cheap and the prices vary depending on the base van model and the conversion equipment provided.

Keep in mind that most of these companies will convert new or used vans according to your needs and financial capability.

You can also source out some other small time pro's that have the knowledge and skills for a camper van conversions project in their own garage. The sky is the only limit here.

Used camper van conversions obviously share the same characteristics and even  though they're used, the prices just don't drop as much as you would like them to. After all, most of these vehicles drive only on various occasions, which is the key factor that justifies the price here.


Homemade camper vans are of course a lot cheaper, but no matter how much work and sweat the owner has put in his vehicle, it will hardly ever reach professional quality. I'm not saying that the quality is poor and I've seen many outstanding models. But the "pros" have the tools and the skills we just can't deal with.

Once you're done with the basic facts you can begin your research.

Where To Look For Camper Vans For Sale?

Well you have a multiple choice here. Try local paper ads, local car or leisure vehicle dealers or any other resource available in your area. Specialized magazines about any kind of recreational vehicles will usually be full of ads.

Volkswagen pop top camper van.

The internet is a vast and by far the largest information source on the planet. Companies like the German covering a large portion of Europe are a must for your research. If you wish to buy or sell a camper van in New Zealand try There are many others of course and you will find them searching the net using on topic search terms.

Camper van rental companies often frequently rotate their fleet, so this is also something more then worth considering if you're looking for a low mileage vehicle.

Searching through any kind of camper vans for sale ads is overwhelming.  You will need a lot of patience  through the process. But at the end the effort will be well payed for.

The owners and fans of used Volkswagen vans and campers are a special breed of people. Many of them source out their preferred vehicles on the other side of the planet and have them shipped to their home.

Of course you can use this method for any other vehicle if you need so.

There are many camper vans for sale, so take your time for an extensive research and don't just jump at the first bate that gets thrown at you. At least wait for the after season sales, which just might save you some of your savings.

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