A Camper Village For Those On The Road

The camper village concept emerged from the ever increasing number of people traveling or even living full time in their camper vans or larger motorhomes. Retired or pulling off the grid doesn't really matter any more. The fact is that in the recent years more people then ever, discovered that working in dead end jobs and just trying to meet the deadline for somebody else just isn't what life should be all about.

While humanity is still in the search mode of our purpose and the truth of existence, a camper village is one of the options that will allow you to fully enjoy your life out in the open. Overcrowded cities and towns surrounded with a variety of shopping malls and over-sized skyscrapers just don't feel right anymore. Traveling, the great outdoors and re-discovering the laws of nature are far more close to human kind than you can imagine. Why would you be trying to get close to it anyway?

Once you start traveling around the world, a camper village will often change it's name, however the basic concept remains the same. Offering the basic facilities and amenities demanded by a modern day traveler at reasonable price possibly at a prominent location.

Camper Stops

A camper village in Istria, Croatia.

Camper stops were the first legally recognized facilities (at least here in Europe) to offer the possibility of an overnight stay for campervan travelers. After a couple of decades these rest areas come in large numbers throughout Europe and most of them are open around the year. These can be either regular parking spaces with an "camper only" area or a designated parking area with basic facilities such as power hook ups and waste water disposal for example.

Camper friendly countries and their local government understand that a self sustained recreational vehicle owner doesn't necessarily need or wish to go to a camping site every night. Instead, he's looking for a practical facility near attractions and points of interest, such as rivers, lakes, mountains,  towns, cities and so on. So today and depending on the country, a large enough number of parking places or areas are reserved for camper vans only.

Camper Village Or Park

Campers park Polidor on the coast of Croatia.

Trying to meet the demands of a campervan traveler on a higher level to say so, a camper village or a camper park is the next step of this evolution. What we're talking about here is neatly separated pitches with running water and (heated for ) bathroom facilities for a comfortable wash up and a shower. Laundry machines and Wireless internet is self understanding today, as many people prefer to keep in touch or do their work and earn some income using their computers.

Just to move matters further, some camping sites offer a similar solution as long as the management figures out how things work. It all ends up to the bills that need to be payed and the number of travelers that actually stay out of the main season and enjoy cold weather camping. If the numbers don't add up, they simply close down during winter time.

A Few Examples

My wife and I recently stayed in one of the Croatian camping sites in Istria that chose to remain open throughout the year. Being close to the Adriatic sea and a small town like Vrsar is all we were looking for.

The part of the camping site that remained open, was quite full, the relaxing nature surrounding us was a pure bliss and there was always a warm bathroom waiting for us throughout the day. Nothing more that we could ask for, and we also met a few people from Northern Europe that were actually all ready to spend the winter here.

A foot and bike bath close to a camper stop on the Italian coast.

Not far away and close to Poreč another camper village opened it's doors close the coast of Istria. Polidor camping park is exactly what this type of facility needs to be. Located just by the main road and 800 meters from the seaside, Polidor offers a perfect example for a brief visit or a longer stay.

Heated bathroom facilities a separate children's bathroom and playroom to keep your kids busy, laundry and a great restaurant offer the best of modern design.  Wi-fi all the way and separate and well designed pitches for all types of homes on wheels are self understanding here.

San Stefano al Mare located on the Flower Riviera in Italy was once a small fishing village. Today this is a lively old town among many on the Italian coast and just before the border with France. In fact, the entire riviera, is a well known spot and a visited by campervan and motorhome owners throughout the year.

Small medieval towns with lots of history, pine and olive trees along the many walking and cycling paths that are paved close to the Mediterranean sea are a refreshing change of scenery and climate for many that come from the colder mainland parts. Camper Village is one of the many in this area offering travelers the usual facilities needed on the road.

Camper stop, camper village, park or a regular camping site, the title doesn't really matter, what matters is that they all offer basic facilities and take care and much more for the modern day traveler that spends some time on the road. Remember that travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page".

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