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Campers world is all about getting back to nature and enjoying the great outdoors, listening to the nearby stream and the ocean waves hitting the shore. Camping as a recreational activity has been around since the early 20th century and every year, more and more people join the camper world. But are you ready for it?

Sure, you can go out and buy a cheap  tent and a sleeping bag, take a six pack of your favorite beer along and hope you'll have a great time. Well it does take a little bit more than that.

Camping is something I always look forward to. So when people ask me how to get around in the camper world, I always try to answer them the best I can and from my own experience.

But then I hear many of them are quite disappointed at their first trips. It usually has something to do with the first rain-shower experiences and the sand in their shoes. The lack of basic accessories is also quite a common factor.

On the other side, you also have people buying a recreational vehicle only to find out that this is not what they had expected and its all to complicated for them to operate in the first place.

Campers world, my favorite part of life.

Don't just do things because your ego wants to be a part of something and show it off to others, but as for everything else you do in your life, relax and listen to your heart. It does make a big difference.

About Campers World

To fully enjoy the campers world, you have to love the great outdoors or at least have the will to try something new. Nature has it's own way's of showing her powers, so don't let any kind of weather surprise you or put you off.

Kids love the campers worl!

In its essence, camping is a very basic activity. The magic has been upgraded to large resorts and camping villages offering all kinds of luxury amenities. And even these are simply not enough for some people. It sometimes makes me wander, when does wanting more have an end from the human perspective.

Be prepared to get some work done, because there is a lot of things to take care of. Apart from finding the perfect spot, you will have to take care of your food, water and other basic needs.

You will naturally need some basic equipment for camping  for your first steps in the campers world as well. They do  make life a lot easier.

A friend of mine once said; "you know, I would love to have a camper van conversion, but I don't know what to do with it?" You can only imagine the astonishing look I made on my face...

Camping far away from it all in a mini camper.

Well he needed a start, as it turned out later on. He has a couple of kids, so some family ideas from others helped him a lot and got him going. And his family loves it!

Even camper van camping needs a little bit of preparation before you set out to your new adventure. A camping check list is always a smart thing to keep handy, unless you have a hard disc installed in your brain!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe, but some people come up with all kind of excuses, when we start talking about camping with kids. Sometimes their too young, sometimes the outside world is to polluted, full of bugs and  dangerous as it is....go figure. Kids love it, period!

Bring along your scooter bike or scooters for the whole family and be prepared to fully enjoy and exercise  for a long time out in the open. Believe me, I bought them recently for me and my kids. Kickbikes are simply awesome!


Girls camping?  Well, they drive trucks, fly airplanes, travel around the world and even live in their camper vans so camping shouldn't be a problem at all. But just in case, here are a few words of empowerment for camping girls!

Even if you use a wheelchair to move around, there is no reason to give up. You can quite easily customize any kind of  recreational vehicle to meet your needs. Many camping sites  have adopted or customized their facilities that make wheelchair accessible camping a lot more user friendly.

Outdoor World Camping

Camping can be used together with a wide variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, biking, skiing, paddle boarding and so on. Open air events such as festivals, concerts and others come to mind as well. Just use your imagination..

It can be done in a simple tent, or you might want to consider and upgrade to small camper vans or even a larger motorhome. On the other hand and if you feel adventurous enough and have the weather on you side, hammock camping will do just fine.

Consider cold weather camping for your skiing trips for example, or for a few days by the relaxing seaside out of the main season.  And there are always many free camping possibilities throughout our planet if you want to escape the crowds or don't want to stop in a camping site.

The campers world describes a wide variety of many experiences as you can see. From a simple one night fishing trip or a family holiday to traveling around the world for extended periods of time.

Some people even choose to live in their camping trailers, camper vans and larger motorhomes for various reasons. Some stay in one site, while others like to move and travel around.

Most likely, you will get a closely related combination of both.  A lot of folks take the part time work camping jobs and spend the rest of their time traveling or dwelling at their favorite spots.

A friend of mine from north Germany, sold his house and most of his material belongings, bought a  trailer and now lives permanently in a camping site with his wife. His only regret is that he hasn't done it sooner.

The feeling of discarding most of the material trash around him was absolutely liberating as he says...It's amazing how many people feel some much better, throwing everything they owned away and actually start living their lives in the campers world.

To wrap it up, camping is all about the freedom of enjoying the nature and discovering who we really are and what are we really capable of. We've been stuck in this matrix system for far too long now. It's really time to wake up and live our life the way we want. The campers world is only one of the ways to do it.

To start off your new adventure, you will obviously need some basic, and later on, advanced camping gear. Feel free to search the Amazon box just below, and take a look what's in there for you. Take your time and read the customer reviews, they're really helpful. And most of all, have a lot of fun!

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