Camping Cooking Supplies

Camping cooking supplies are something, you don't want to live your home without, when heading out on any kind of a camping trip or a longer cruise around the country of your choice. All your camping food ideas need a few tools in order to be decently prepared, don't they?

The camping kitchen as a whole is an important part, either for your camping holidays or just a short camping trip to your favorite destination, if you don't want to live on sandwiches and canned food alone.

And the cooking supplies make it all work and worth-while.

But once you start looking for these supplies, you'll be absolutely amazed of what the market has to offer these days. So what do you do?

Keep it simple. All you actually need is a few practical tools to make a tasty meal. This will actually sometimes make you wonder about the necessity of your kitchen back home.

Touring around in my camper van allows me to take these matters much easier do to the available storage room, but I made sure that everything fits nicely inside the cupboards.

And what is the best food to take camping? Just about anything you can think of as long as it is easy and simple to prepare.

Camping pizza
Although I have a double burner stove in my camper van, it is sometimes absolutely way too hot to use it. And camping cooking outside is much more pleasurable anyway, so...

My all time favorite and a loyal partner on my trips is the light weight, folding, portable and packed in a bag camping cooker that doubles up as a grill, the CADAC Safari Chef Lightweight Gas BBQ.

This portable single burner cooker also has a small wok that doubles up as a lid, to cover the grill plate and it works like a small oven.

And does it work? Oh yes, just to give you a hint, my wife and I often makes a tasty pizza in it in the middle of no where!

 Pots And Pans

Light weight aluminum and stainless steel pots and pans come either in sets or as separate items. Aluminum is lighter and therefore easier to carry around (dish washing for example), while stainless steel items are much more durable. Most of the sets are nesting, so they can be easily packed in any kind of storage.

camping pots and pans

Keep in mind though, that outdoor camping cooking supplies don't perform like the ones you keep back home, so take your time to figure out how they work best.

Aluminum pots heat up faster for example and the last thing you want to do, is burn your otherwise tasty pasta sauce!

Plates, Cups and Glasses

All these items are available in different types of durable plastic, stainless steel, ceramics and of course glass for glasses if you want to be fancy.

Camping cups and plate

Plastic materials are most widely used for camping, although stainless steel is making a brake-thorough again. Steel is much more easier to clean, it does not stain and has lifetime durability.

As for glass and ceramics...besides being too heavy to carry around, they will brake easily. But some folks like the "feels just like at home" feeling, so take your pick...

The Cutlery

Camping cutler

Plastic cutlery may be very light and cheap, but be aware of the fact that the cheapest material breaks easily and even melts sometimes, if you try to stir a boiling sauce or keep it close to a grill for example. So if plastic is your preferred material, invest into something durable.

A far better option is again aluminum and stainless steel sets, which are almost indestructible, easier to clean and can be obtained just about anywhere. Take these as a must the next time you go shopping for camping cooking supplies.

Other Camping Cooking Supplies and Utensils

Camping cooking supplies also include some of the smaller, but nevertheless equally important additions such as;

  • Salad bowl
  • Camping coffee pot
  • Bottle and can opener
  • A good all-purpose camping knife
  • A strainer to wash your fish and vegetables
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  • Spatula
  • Scoop or ladle
  • Serving spoon
  • Cutting board

After a good meal you'll have to wash your dishes of course. A small washbasin and biodegradable soap will do the job just fine. And some fine natural sand and a scrub without any soap will do just fine, if you have to wash your dishes in creeks, rivers or even in the ocean.

Camping cooking supplies should also include a camper refrigerator or a cooler , to keep your food and beverages fresh.

And don't forget the spices...salt, pepper, and herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and so on. Besides being beneficial to your health, they will make your food taste so much better! I Try the Provence mixed herbs as it has a little bit of everything in one small jar.

Please, check out some of the great deals on Amazon and enjoy preparing your meals out in the great outdoors!

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