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I've been camping in Croatia since the early 1970's. Limestone mountains, pine and fig trees, olive groves and pebble beaches are simply heaven for my soul. But there's so much more to discover on this stunning coast.  I still visit Croatia quite often and continue on exploring the pristine nature all over again with my twins.

Croatian coast has been one of the favorite destinations in Europe since the 1960's, a time when towing a caravan from northern Europe was an adventure of it's own. The Peninsula of Istra, islands of Kvarner on the north coast and the southern part named Dalmatia are a magnet for tourists and travelers seeking the sun, inviting Adriatic sea and great Mediterranean food from early spring to late fall.

Campin Croatia on a beautiful beach.

Camping on Murter Island

Van camping on Murter island.

The Scenery On The Mediterranean coast

The rocky coast line continues for almost 1800km with the Velebit and Biokovo mountain ranges on one side and the crystal blue Adriatic sea with over a thousand islands floating on top of it on the other. This Adriatic road offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe and when time allows, the best way to travel in Croatia.

You can drive on the highway which goes behind the mountains, but believe me, you'll miss all the beauty of the coastline.

Camping in Croatia is possible in more then 300 camping sites, with more then 90% of them on the coast with direct access to the beach, near most attractions and on larger islands. You have a choice of small family operated sites and all the way to larger camping villages with all the comfort you'll ever need.


Many of the campsites have been recently renovated and therefore really offer a high standard of comfort. But as I said before, even the smaller family-operated camping sites have a warm Mediterranean hospitality, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Camping outside of the camping sites is prohibited by law. If you travel to Croatia in a camper van or a motorhome you can enjoy an overnight stay in front of some of the camping sites or the on the highway rest areas. However, many camper van  owners choose to stay outside of these areas.

Here you have two choices. Either join a group of camper vans parked for the night or explore around to find a quiet place. You can always have a good excuse for the local police. To tired or to drunk to drive on.

Krka river waterfalls, Croatia.

Krka Waterfalls

Small fishing port in Croatia.

If you need fish or a ride in Croatia...ask the locals

Camping in Croatia is all about natural beauty. Take your time and explore the beautiful lakes of Plitvice and the waterfalls of the river Krka. You have a lot of climbing and hiking opportunities at the Paklenica National Park. Even rafting and boating is possible on the lovely river of Cetina on the southern coast.

Hop on an excursion boat, ask a local fisherman or rent your own (if you have a boat permit) and sail around the phenomena of the Kornati archipelago the Brijuni Islands or any other islands you wish to visit.

Sea kayakin around Croatia beaches.

Sea kayaking the Croatian islands

Biokovo mountain, Croatia. The best breathtaking scenery in Europe.

Biokovo Mountains, The Best Scenery In The Mediterranean

Don't Miss While Camping Croatia

There are more then a thousand  islands to discover scattered all around the stunning Adriatic sea. Most of the small ones are unsettled, while the larger ones offer camping sites, apartments and hotels for all budgets.

And I strongly recommend one of my favorite places, the Biokovo Natural Park near the coastal town of Makarska. You can drive all the way to the top of Saint Juraj (1750m) or descent a few meters below and take a short hike to another view point. Both offer truly breathtaking views.

The scenic road at Makarska Riviera, Croatia.

Makarska Riviera - cruising down the coast

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The medieval town of Dubrovnik

A  100km coastline stretch of the stunning Makarska riviera, many of the lovely Croatian islands and on a really clear day all the way to Italy on the west. Don't miss it! You can easily spend a week here, hiking, admiring the mountain flora and if you're lucky...the wildlife. Don't forget to bring some food along for a picnic of course.

Medieval towns and cities are architectural gems dating all the way back to the Venetian Republic and the famous explorer Marco Polo, the man that traveled all the way to China. Explore the cities of Rovinj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and Korčula as well as the other smaller towns.

The stunning Croatian Adriatic coast line has also been among the friendliest naturist destinations since the 1930's. Camping in Croatia offers more then 30 official resorts like the Koversada naturist park and numerous picturesque beaches scattered on the coast and on more then 1000 islands, Croatia may well be a naturists dream.

Sailing on the Adriatic Sea.

Sailing In Croatia

Cruising, diving and biking on Croatian small cruise boats.

Cruising On Small & Vintage Boats

Marinas and diving centers offer everything you need for all kinds of water sports. Rent a sailboat or just a small boat for a day or a week and explore the small islands and remote beaches with your family and friends.

Join a guided diving group and explore the sea life or hop on an adventure cruise for a week or so on one of the adapted old fishing boats with all the comfort for small groups of 20 to 30 people.

The most practical and healthy way to discover the coast line is by foot. There are walking and hiking paths all around the mainland and the islands, most of them more then suitable for our kids and pets in case you have any.

Croatia is a small, yet modern country offering more then enough to keep you and your kids busy enough for weeks. But believe me, weeks is not can just keep on coming back exploring one island or one place at the time...

Have You Ever Been Camping In Croatia?

I have been camping in Croatia many times and I met a lot of great people from all around the world here. With some of them we had great times together. So if you ever made it here, drop a short story and a few images if you wish, just to let other folks see this paradise on earth...

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