Camping Generators

Camping generators can bring you the comfort of your home to the last hidden corner of this planet, but can also spoil all the tranquility in the great outdoors, so use them wisely.

Recreational generators can either be a gasoline, diesel and propane powered unit or a wind generator. They will provide you with additional electrical power in your camper van conversion when most needed while camping in remote places.

It's up to you to decide which appliances you want or need to power and how much power will you actually need. Bare in mind that you don't have to run all your appliances simultaneously which means that you won't need an excessive amount of power at once.

Types Of Camping Generators

Fuel or gas powered generators are made in three basic sizes, which mainly describes the power output they'll give you.

Portable Camping Generators

These compact generators produce up to 1000 watts of power, meaning they can power any kind of appliances that use 1000 watts simultaneously. Look at the chart below to understand better these numbers.

  • Water pump-------30 watts
  • Halogen lam-------20 watts
  • Radio---------------15 watts
  • Small lam-----------8 watts
  • TV set--------------40 watts
  • Total---------------113watts

All the above appliances are small consumers. If you need to use a 1000 watt coffee brewer, this is the only appliance that can run at the moment with a 1000 watt generator. Anything larger, like a 1300 watt hairdryer will need a more powerful generator in order to run.

Small Generators

If you need more power juice and need to run more power consuming appliances at once, generators producing up to 2400 watts will do the trick.

These generators are of course a bit larger and need a bit more juice to run.

Portable camping generatortor.

Medium Generators

If you wish to have all the comforts of your home out in the great outdoors such as the air conditioner and an electric oven running all at once, then you'll need something larger.

Medium size camping generators will do the job well enough.

Wind Generators

Wind generators may seem to be more suitable for boats, than for camper van conversions. But there is wind blowing on land as well, so therefore you have land and marine wind generators available.

If you plan to do a lot of wild camping and desperately need power for your batteries or appliances this is something you might want to consider. Wind generators are quiet and will provide you with electricity from what the nature has to offer, however they are still very expensive and you'll also have to figure out how to mount them on your camper van.

Take a look at this short video below, just to see how a wind generator can work properly mounted on a camper van.

The Bottom Line

If you only need to top off your battery, let your van engine idle for a while, take a short drive and enjoy the scenery, or add a solar panel .

Fuel or gas powered generators are not dirt cheap either, but are becoming more and more affordable. It's a wise expense, especially if you'll also use it back at home from time to time whenever the power goes down or if you need to use any kind of power tools wherever AC/DC power is not available.

They will top off your battery and let you watch your TV or even better, read a book endlessly, but...Some manufacturers strive to make them as quiet as they can get, but in any case they are still a bit noisy and very antisocial, so remember not to run them at night if there is a crowd around you.

Don't forget that you'll need enough storage room for both, the camping generator and some extra fuel or propane.

So think thoroughly about where are you going to camp and what kind of electrical appliances will you be using. Only then make your decision upon which type of generator you need. Use the Amazon search box just below and find a variety of generators. Reviews from other users is something I find very helpful, before  decide to buy something. I hope It will help you as well!

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