Camping Heater For A Tent

Camping heater for a  tent  anyone? Well let me tell you a short story of mine.

It was somewhere in the 1990's when I was traveling around the Alpine alps in Europe with my car and a tent. It was a great trip and all, and I pulled up in a camping site nestled and surrounded by beautiful mountains in mid September if my memory still serves me.

The sights were stupendous and I got the grill running up pretty fast, the wine was chilling in the cold river just a few footsteps from my tent. It was a dream...well untill the sun went down to sleep behind those glorious mountains.

It was the first time in my life that a portable camping heater for a tent has ever crossed my mind.It wasn't freezing or anything close to it. But an active day out in the great outdoors getting all sweaty, warms you up a bit, doesn't it?

So I enjoyed my dinner from the grill and the bottle of excellent wine between and after just absorbing the stunning scenery and the stars. But trying to get some sleep on a cold night was a nightmare.

I had an inflatable mattress, my trusty sleeping bag that I still use today and a couple of blankets to spare in my car.I wrapped myself up with everything that I had but as much as I tried, I just couldn't get any sleep that night.

I was freezing my but off in that tent.

It got so bad that I ended up sleeping in my car with the engine and heating turned on. Not a smart idea, I know, but on that particular night it was the only choice that I had. A  small camping heater a for tent would certainly be an excellent companion that night.

Actually I don't even remember if they existed at all at that time.

Today you have a wide variety of tent heaters to choose from.These are small and portable propane gas heaters running on propane cartridges. has many types of tent heaters in stock. Just search in the box on your left, take your time, read all the reviews and decide what you really need.

The choice is entirely yours...

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