Camping In Italy...
History, Beaches And Great Food

Camping in Italy is a a fantastic way to discover this historically rich country. Good weather, excellent historical sites and some of the best food in the world will keep you busy most of the time.

Italy is covered with more then 2500 camping sites around the country and if you plan on touring with your camper van you have more than a 1000 camper stops or Area di Sosta at your disposal. Italy is also the only country that allows camping trailers or caravans to use camper stops.

Italy has a lot to offer, so just deciding where to go can be exhausting. This is not all about Rome, Venice and Tuscany and camping in Italy will let you reach most of the not so popular corners of this charming country.

Camping In Italy - The North Part

To start right from the top, let me take you to the stunning Dolomite mountain range up in northern Italy. Most of the camping sites in this region are open all year round do to the skiing season.

Camping in Italy, Dolomite mountains.

The Dolomite mountains offer all types of activities...the best European ski slopes in the winter and hiking or trekking when the snow is gone.

Are you a bicycle enthusiast and want to tackle some mountain passes the guys from the "Giro d'Italia do? Go for it! Top that up with some great Italian mountain can stay here for weeks. If you love the nature and wide open spaces, the Dolomite mountains are more then worth the trouble.

These breathtaking mountains is where I begun camping in Italy. Those were the years I spent on my motorcycle and living pretty much close to these Alpine pearls, I took every advantage of this heaven on earth for a great ride on those mountain passes.

Once you step down from the mountains, there are many wonderful lakes to discover. From the lago Maggiore where you can try to have a cup of coffee with George Clooney at his villa and all the way to the east where you will find the less crowded and much smaller lago Rabuiese on the border with Slovenia. Another place where you can enjoy and relax yourself in a peaceful and less populated environment.

Camping in Italy of course goes down to the south as well. I'm just so emotionally attached to this Alpine part of the world, that I somehow got lost a bit writing this page.

The Veneto region will charm you with some of most scenic and historically important cities and picturesque towns and villages, including Venice and Verona. And you can head to the west if you want a romantic adventure on Lake Garda.

The Veneto region will charm you with some of most scenic and historically important cities and picturesque towns and villages, including Venice and Verona. And you can head to the west if you want a romantic adventure on Lake Garda.

Tuscany with Florence and Pisa is one of the top Italian tourist attractions. Therefore it will be packed with tourists from all over the world from late spring time to early autumn. So don't be surprised if you find the Tuscan beaches and camping sites full of people at this period.

Camping In Southern Italy

Italy has a strong distinction between the north and the south part of the country. The south is much poorer, but the people are very friendly and the old traditions are kept strongly alive.

Camping in Italy down south will spoil you with long sandy beaches, excellent home made southern food, less people around you and the friendly hospitality only the southern people can give you.

The regions of Apulia, Basilicata and Calabria are much less populated, with a warmer climate and typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Charming old towns like Capo Rizzuto or Tropea will let you fully enjoy the easy going southern culture. And try the famous and sweet Tropean red onion and all the different types of pates made from chilly peppers, olives anchovies and olive oil, just to understand where you are!

If you enjoyed camping in Italy so far, the best is yet to come!

Camping The Italian Islands

The Italian Islands Elba, Sardinia and Sicily are all worth a visit and they all have regular daily ferry-boat connections with the mainland.

Elba being the small part of Tuscany in the sea and the spectacular Sardinia with fine sandy beaches, rich history from the lost civilization of Nuraghe, natural stone sculptures (I had never seen something like that...) and the proud Sardo people speaking their own Sardo language.

The people of Sardinia have been recognized among the healthiest people world wide. Why? Well try camping in Sardinia...all the fresh air, crystal blue sea, home grown food and the old singing and dancing Sardo wrong can that be?

Sicily is a story of it's own. Very rich with Greek and Roman history, mouth watering food with a strong influence from all parts of the Mediterranean world and the home of the Mafia.

This is the only land where I was pulled over by the local police just to warn me about the crazy local driving culture! Well I speak almost fluent Italian and I'm very familiar with the south-Mediterranean customs, so honking, flashing lights and yelling out some nasty stuff about our mothers became natural to me in no time!

Camping in the pearl of the Mediterranean, the charming small town of San Vito lo Capo also led me to another exciting discovery....the famous international Cous-Cous fest.

This is an annual festival and absolutely worth a visit if you consider camping in Italy. People gather up from all parts of the Mediterranean world to enjoy an share the best Cous-Cous recipes. A very colorful and exciting festival with excellent food, live music and many other attractions.

And while touring Sicily, don't forget to visit the stunning and volcanic mount Etna and the Aeolian islands.

So, are you ready to go camping in Italy now?

General Information

Italians are lively people and just love to express their feelings in any kind of way. So don't be surprised at their driving culture. Using the horn, flashing the lights and using the middle finger is a national sport for them.

They also have strong family ties. When you go camping in Italy, seeing three or even four generations siting together at a camping table, slowly enjoying their food and wine accompanied by a rather loud discussion will be a common sight.

The meals are taken seriously here. Italians don't just feed themselves and run away, but they sit down and, like I said before, slowly enjoy their food.

There is a strong traditional distinction between meals times, so don't always expect to get a descent meal any time you get hungry! I told you, Italians take their food and mealtime seriously.

Italians also have a strong reputation of being Latino-lovers. I don't know if they are actually good lovers, but I do know that they just love to stare. If you are a beautiful woman or have a beautiful woman by your side, you/she will be stared at. Again, this is a hopeless national sport and just take it as a compliment.

When you go camping in Italy you will discover a colorful palette of camping sites. From large and modern camping villages to small family operated sites. The condition of facilities can vary so don't make a big fuss about it. If you don't like it just move to another camping site.

Italy offers just about everything you can possibly think of. Outstanding sporting facilities in the Dolomite mountains, beautiful lakes, lovely old towns and rich history just about anywhere, long sandy beaches and some of the best gourmet food and wine known to human kind.

And if you have the freedom of choice, avoid by all means traveling in Italy in the month of August. This is the time of the Ferragosto, a very important national holiday when the majority of Italians migrate to their favorite destinations. The roads, camping sites and everything else get hilariously crowded so think again before you do it...

There are many other more pleasant months to go Camping in Italy. And they will let you reach all the hidden corners of this charming country much more peacefully.

Share Your Camping In Italy Information

Have you ever been camping in Italy or do you own a camping site in this marvelous country? If you want to share your story on my Camper Van Fun website, I'd love to hear from you! And I'm sure, that camper van enthusiasts from around the world are just waiting for some fresh ideas and information. They always do...

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