Camping Jesolo And So Close To Venice...

Camping Jesolo is best described by the camping-villages based on the famous Lido di Jesolo beach, just a short 30 minute boat ride to the ever romantic Venice. The town of Jesolo  is a well known and a typical Italian seaside resort, nestled in a lagoon surrounded by two rivers and 15 kilometers of sandy beach facing the Adriatic Sea.

Apart from camping sites and some camper-stops, Jesolo and its surroundings offers modern day accommodations, such as hotels, apartments, restaurants, grocery stores, medical care and of course all kind of entertainment.

And if you consider camping in Jesolo, you'll be more then well taken care of.

These camping villages are all modern day and as much as possible ecologically oriented resorts. Large pitches immersed under the pine trees or spreading out in the sun, whichever you might prefer.

Other accommodation include mobile homes, bungalows or caravans, so you can enjoy camping even if you don't have your own camping vehicle or a tent.

The various play grounds will keep the little ones entertained most of the time and you will always find something to enjoy either on the beach or by the swimming pool.

Camping Jesolo and Lido di Jesolo on a beautiful stretch of fine sandy beach, just a few minutes from Venice, Italy.

There is also a variety of other sport activities available in or out of the camping site. If you enjoy horse back riding, bicycling, hiking or just the evening walk to town, Jesolo has it all . More than a 150 km of cycle paths should keep you busy for a while, don't you think so?

I guess that at this point I really don't have to emphasize on grocery stores, restaurants mini clubs and medical care, which all naturally fit in these type of camping resorts.

Italian people simply adore any kind of entertainment. May that be the morning gymnastic exercise on the beach or the nights spectacle at the bar. As long as there is a crowd and some noise and lights in the evening, they will be there. So if you like it, join in, otherwise walk away and enjoy your camping time otherwise.

Ferry Boats, Cruise Ships And Marco Polo Airport

The old saying says that all roads lead to Rome, which may be true in some cases, but if you're driving from east or west parts of Europe, you'll most likely be taking the highway through Venice. I live an hour and a half drive from Venice, so I can tell by the traffic on this highway, which I use more than often for my travels.

Apart from being a famous tourist attraction, Venice is also a very important hub port in this parts of Europe.

Ferries to Greek ports of Igoumenitsa, Corfu and Patras part from here almost on daily bases. And many cruise-ship companies visit and part from the port of Venice as well.

And don't forget the Venice Marco Polo airport, connecting with flights from around the world.

Camping Jesolo and one of the many camping sites.

So camping in Jesolo can serve for more then one purpose. It can be a part of your camping holidays in Italy, a hub-post for visiting Venice and its surroundings or just a stop-over on your trip around Europe.

Take a day or two to relax before boarding a ferry boat to Greece for example and visit Venice.

And with the Camping on Board option the Greek ferry boats offer for camper van, motorhome and caravan owners, the trip is really a pleasure. One of my favorites I might say, as I often enjoy these ferries.

Camping Jesolo Facts

If you have the freedom of choice, avoid traveling in Italy in the month of August. This is the time of the Ferragosto, a very important national holiday when the majority of Italians migrate to their favorite destinations. The roads, camping sites and everything else get hilariously crowded so think again before you do it...

But if the main season is your only option, booking is almost a must for camping in Italy...well at least for a longer stay. You will always find a place for an overnight stay though, either at a camping site or a camper stop if you travel around in a camper van.

But here are many other more pleasant months to go Camping in Italy. And they will let you reach all the hidden corners of this charming country much more peacefully.

Understand the fact, that for many Europeans, camping in Jesolo and other destinations in the northern Mediterranean are the closes places to get in touch with the warm and pleasant Adriatic sea, and of course the laid back life style we enjoy in the these parts of Europe.

And after a long and cold winter, many of them flock down to the south to get that smell of pine, lavender and the Mediterranean sea. For some of them, camping in Jesolo is just fine...

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