Camping Nude Freedom

Something For Your Body And Soul

Camping nude is enjoyed by thousands of naturists and nudists around the world each year. The freedom of naturist holidays can be a very relaxing and liberating experience.

Taking off your sweaty clothes and tight bathing suits in the summer heat is not only pleasurable, but very healthy as well. Just imagine all that bacteria forming in those plastic bathing suits!

Being nude outdoors on a warm summer day is pure and natural freedom. Feel the warm sunshine, the fresh air and the cool water embracing your body, and you'll know what I'm talking about...

Camping nude

And Where Can You Enjoy Camping Nude?

Traveling around the Mediterranean with my camper van usually brings up plenty of opportunities, I just have to look hard enough in order to find one. Well, I don't desperately search for one all the time, but if I do find a proper spot, I always take the advantage of using it.

Basically you have three options you can enjoy.

  • Finding your favorite spot just for the day time (walk or drive to a remote beach for example). The Croatian coast line with it's islands is my favorite spot for this activity.
  • Find a remote beach with free camping (wild camping) possibilities. Here Greece comes to mind, as I've enjoyed the islands of Crete, Lefkas and other locations this way many times with my camper van.
  • Look for naturist campsites. Many of them can be found in the Mediterranean parts of Europe or the rest of the world.

Always keep in mind that not all people are comfortable with nudity, so when you go searching for a remote beach, respect other people around you and the local customs of course. Many of these public beaches are not official nudist beaches, but become nudist by the freedom of choice of the occupants. So you may visit the same spot one day and you will find everybody dressed up while the next day may be the other way around.

When you go camping on a remote beach or any other remote place you prefer with your camper van or camping tent for a few days, stock up with some basic essentials in advance. Water, food, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent and sun glasses will probably be your most wanted items.

European countries such as Croatia and France have a highly developed and long standing naturist tradition. Camping resorts like the Croatian Koversada Naturist Park and the French Euronat Camping Resort are just two of the finest examples.

Camping in naturist campsites is another story. Campsites are usually well organized, some are partially naturist, while others have a full time option. No naturist campsite will ask you to be nude at all times. It's only natural that you will dress up when you need so for any kind of reason you might have. But when it's nice and warm, do forget about your clothing.

Camping nude is not a stare and glare show. It is expressing and enjoying yourself in the only natural way possible. Some people need some time to get comfortable with this new feeling of freedom, but most of them just keep coming back whenever the occasion arises. Including myself...

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