Portable Camping Showers

Some people choose not to have camping showers installed in their homemade camper van conversions, either because of the lack of space or they simply find them useless on the long run. Either way, a portable camper shower is a great solution if you happen to be one of them.

If you like to park your camper van far away from the crowds for a while, just the way I do, you'll eventually have to wash up yourself and sometimes even the dishes...

Actually I'm the type of person that loves to jump in lakes, streams or the blue sea after a good hike on a hot day if no form of camping showers are available, but that of course is not always possible.

And I love to keep matters as simple as they can be. There are quite a few portable shower solutions, suitable for camping, fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity. When you do take a shower outside, please respect mother nature and use some natural soap. I find the soap made from olive oil residue pleasant for the skin and kind to the environment.

You might also want to consider a shower tent for some privacy if you like to stay in a camping site for longer periods of time. Just an idea.

Simple Camping Showers

If you have nothing else to use or forgot everything back home, well, fill ordinary plastic bottles with water and put them somewhere on the sun. The dashboard of your van might be a proper place to heat up the water. Very basic idea, but it will freshen you up a little bit.

Another great and inexpensive portable shower idea is the use of an ordinary plastic garden sprayer used to mist plants or trees with insecticides and herbicides. They are available in a variety of different sizes in any hardware store.

Fill it up with water, pump the handle a few times for water pressure, adjust the nozzle and you'll get a pressurized shower! You can laugh all you want, but I actually picked up this camp shower idea from sailors that sail around the globe.

As you know, water resources on a sailing boat are pretty much scarce and garden sprayers are real water savers!

The solar shower is one of the most popular camping showers. The inexpensive, lightweight and folding plastic bag comes in a few different sizes as far as water capacity goes.

Fill it up with water, hang it on a tree or somewhere on your camper van and leave it under the sun for a few hours, so the water heats up. When you need a shower, turn the nozzle and enjoy the warm, low- pressure rinse.

Advanced Portable Camping Showers

Another interesting portable pressurized shower comes in the form of a battery or 12V powered water pump. Simply place the intake hose in the source of water available (river, lake or a canister) and take your shower.

If you have enough room in your vehicle and a lot of people and dishes to wash, there are some tough, heavy-duty propane heaters on the market. They are really designed for base camps, cabins or any other kind of professional use. The prices go around €300.00 (US$450.00).

A portable shower that really caught my eye is the heat exchanger kit mounted permanently in the engine compartment of your vehicle. You need a water-cooled engine of course. The kit contains the heat exchanger, water pump, hosing and everything else needed for easy installation.

So connect the pump to your vehicles battery, warm up the engine, put the suction hose in the source of water (lake, stream or a bucket) and the heat exchanger will heat your shower water using the heat of the engine water circulation! This is with no doubt one of the must-have camper accessories for a real adventure. The prices go around €300.00 (US$450.00)

Other Shower Ideas

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to find a public shower on the beach or some other form of public running water. Don't be shy to use them!

You can always use the water source of your camper van. I installed an extractable water hose with a shower head in my sink, so I just pull it out through the window and take a quick shower. You can Install one wherever you want of course.

Portable camping showers are very useful, when you go wild camping in warm weather of course. If you plan to use your camper van in the colder months of the year, you'll either have go to a camping site or try to locate a public swimming pool or a spa wellness-center nearby. Well, that's the way I do it...

Please use the Amazon search box just below to find various types of camping shower ideas. The reviews from other users are the best help you can get, deciding on which model is right for you

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