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This camping sites UK page will help you understand the basics you need to know if you choose to travel this rather large and royal island. I guess that at some point of your life,  Great Britain will be the choice for your next vacation.

If you're a camper van fanatic like I'm, you might share a deep desire to explore this great island by yourself using camping and parking facilities to fully enjoy your camper van. Camping UK is simply the best way to explore this country.

Imagine and it can be easily done. Camping sites UK the easy way if you wish so.

After all, a lot of Volkswagen camper vans are located in Great Britain and the folks really now how to care for them. It's a special kind of devotion and I guess that you won't get so many VW camper shops and and dealers all in one place like in the UK.

Hats off chaps...A VW camper van for hire is only natural here. You have a wide variety of choice, from the early T1 models to the latest Volkswagen technology. Other brands of camper vans are also available of course, it's just that the VW camper  scene stands so strong from the crowd here. It's really amazing! Or is it just me?

Great Britain is a large country with a character all of it's own. First of all, they're proud of their heritage, drive on their left and have a particular taste in food. Top that off with a bit of a cynical humor and you got it basically covered.

Finding camping sites in UK needs some planing and logistics of course.

The country is divided in four main parts. The majority lies on the south and the west and it's called Britain (Anglia) with London being the touristic, cultural and administrative center of the country. The central-west part is called Wales and the main town goes by the name of Cardiff.

Volkswagen T25 camper van on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, by John Millar.

One of the most traveled destinations is by all means Scotland and the main town of Edinburgh. The land of vast pastries, steep cliffs, man's kilts (no panties underneath!), lakes and the monster Nessie living in the lake of Loch Ness.

Do you believe in fairy tales?  Well who says they're fairy tales anyway?

And since you made it all the way up here, North Ireland and the rest of the country of course sounds like a great place to travel and enjoy the beautiful countryside, doesn't it?

Camping Sites UK Infrastructure

Like everything else in Great Britain even the camping sites are more then well taken care off. Large pitches and top notch facilities are very common.

The British are enthusiastic campers therefore you might need a reservation during the high season. But with a bit of good will and some common sense you'll most likely get a spot for yourself.

Naturist camping is also available in the UK so if you enjoy and practice naturism by the sea or in the country, there is plenty of camping sites available for this type of activities.

Camper Stops And Security

Traveling in a camper van or a motorhome allows you to sleep just about anywhere you wish so. To understand a little bit better this philosophy, that is at the designated areas or parking places.

Areas where for some reason or another an overnight stay is forbidden are appropriately signposted, just in case you get tempted. Most of the travelers that I talk to never had any safety issues on this spots, so take their word for it.

What To See And Where To Go

If you're at your starting point and have some difficulties planing the trip well...

Dream Routes Of Europe is beautiful and easy to use book, that I often use and recommend. It includes 26 easy to read and awesome itineraries throughout Europe including three itineraries in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland.

Apart from the very descriptive text about all the sights and landscapes worth visiting, there is a large map of every itinerary and an equally large map of the main town or city on this route.

A vast number of absolutely breathtaking images compliment the text. You will also find the basic travel information for the area you wish to explore, plus a few descriptive sidebars for the main hot spots.

The book is also available in other foreign languages, just in case your knowledge of English language is not exactly your strong point.

And for your complete searchable directory of holiday parks, camping sites, touring caravan, camping parks & suppliers throughout the UK and Europe do visit Campsite Finder Online. It's camping sites UK finest info.

Planing a trip is a combination of places you wish to visit with spots where you can sleep and rest for a while. But a rough plan is usually more then enough. Live the rest for your inspiration or destiny once you get there. Your inner gut is always what counts most.

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