Camping Spain - Flamenco, Sherry, Paella And A Lot More!

Camping in  Spain will let you discover one of Europe's most popular countries at your own pace. Rich history, the diversity of landscapes and great food like the delicious paella, embraced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean!

It's really not surprising , that many European motorhomers and caravanners flock to southern Spain for the winter time. Well you won't get to swim at this time of the year, but you just might get to wear shorts on a nice sunny day. And if you get itchy feet, you can always drive to Portugal or Morocco for a change of scenery.

Whenever I find myself traveling and camping  in Spain with my camper van, either driving to Portugal or Morocco or just cruising around the country, I'm always amazed at the vast size of this great country.

So just take your camping Spain trip piece by piece, there is no need to drive thousands of kilometers or miles every day just to see one sight.

Believe me, it's exhausting...

Now, let's take a look at some of the most exciting regions to visit, when camping in Spain...

Entering our Camping Spain adventure from France.

Costa Brava

Most of the people visiting Spain hang around the Mediterranean coast or the Costa Brava in the region of Catalonia. Here you will find some of the largest and well equipped camping sites.

The Mediterranean coast is always a relaxing place to be, add to that the outskirts of Catalonia and the marvelous museum of Salvadore Dali, one of the world's most controversial artists and your in for a real treat.

The Pyrenees

If you like to leave the crowds and the heat of the coast behind you, head up in the stunning Pyrenees mountains on the border between France and Spain. Here you can enjoy and discover the regional hiking trails and the wildlife in a more peaceful surrounding.

The Atlantic Coast

From the Pyrenees mountains you can descend all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the northern parts of Spain. Head on along the charming Atlantic coast all the way to La Coruna and Santiago de Compostela in the west. Then you can turn around and make a round trip of the Cantabrian Mountains (Cordillera Cantabrica).

Cordillera Cantabrica

The Cantabrian Mountains offer a wide range of hiking trails and many challenging climbing routes. And on the footsteps you can try to walk or cycle one of the many pilgrimage routes of the famous Camino de Santiago that has been taken by people for centuries.

If you're not familiar with this pilgrimage routes, take your time and read the excellent book written by Shirley MacLaine titled "The Camino - A Journey of the Spirit", to deepen your understanding.

Central Spain

The Castilla region around Madrid is not only the geographical center of Spain, but also the center of Spanish history and the cradle of the Spanish language. The land of Don Quixote offers magnificent castles, wonderful towns and stunning yellow-brownish landscape.


Camping in Spain -Andalucia.

Andalucia is with no doubt one of the "hottest" Spanish regions. Historically influenced by the Moorish Islamic culture, this is a land of passion and old culture. Over 900 kilometers of coastline, Grenada with Europe's only desert and the Sierra Nevada being Europe's most southerly ski resort offer a more then exiting camping Spain experience.

While the "Costas" are packed with package tourists in the summer time, inland Andalucia offers a much more relaxing world that hasn't changed much in centuries. Small towns with picturesque lime-white houses, narrow cobble stone streets and traditional farms simply take you back in time to the people of El Andalus (the land of lights).

Fascinating cities like Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz and Granada with the famous Alhambra Palace, the beautiful countryside, the scent of Sherry and denim and the rhythm of flamenco are something you will never forget.

Camping Spain...General Info

Described in the above paragraphs are in a flash some of the most exciting parts of Spain to explore. More than enough for an exiting camping Spain holiday.

Well over a 1000 camping sites are to be found around Spain, the majority of them are of course on the Mediterranean coast. Consider buying a camping guide like the ACSI Camping Card (low season discounts!) before traveling around for a more relaxing camping holiday in Spain.

Just like anywhere else in the world you will find some very basic (one star) camping sites and some very luxurious (four star) Camping resorts. Naturists and nudists are taken care of as well in a few campsites available. Experience and enjoy the diversity!

The Spanish campsites also offer the possibility to rent a mobile home or a bungalow in case you don't have your own home on wheels.

Cruising around in a camper van like myself, a camper stop for a overnight rest is an excellent option. Spain only has a few official camper stops. There are some unofficial ones to be found, mostly on the coast of Andalucia.

Vicarious Books has just about all the camping and camper stop guides you will need in order to explore Spain thoroughly.

And if you search around hard enough, your camping Spain holiday will turn out to be an experience you'll never forget.

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