Evergreen Camping Tent Trailer

The camping tent trailer is a lightweight evolution between tents and trailers. They are easy to use and offer comfortable camping since the 1950's. But what makes this trailer so popular?

It's the simplest form of a camping vehicle, far more comfortable then your ordinary family  tent, compact in size and with a reasonable price for most models. All camping accessories and gear are safely packed away in the trailer with the rest of your luggage.

Once on the campsite, different types of tents come out from the cocoon. Underneath you will usually find a large bed above the floor, another one on the floor, a living area, storage box and depending on the model, a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, running water and a cooler. Advanced models come with options such as water tanks, on board power units and solar cells to run your electrical appliances.

Even the tow bar can have a bicycle rack mounted on for your bikes, and an additional cargo box for your camping gear and accessories. A small boat or a surf board can be carried on the top cover.

Low weight and center of gravity  with the overall compact size of these trailers, give you low air drag and will therefore have barely recognizable effects on your fuel consumption. And you will easily forget that you're actually towing something in the back of your vehicle.

They can be towed just about by any car on the road today. If you feel the need to go off the beaten track, there are also robust off-road trailers available, by manufacturers like the Australian 3DOG for example.

The chassis is usually made from galvanized steel and aluminum is used for the sides. The entire robust structure is reinforced for heavy-duty off road use on demand.

Some of the trailer models use integrated tents, others simply use a roof tent on the top. Most of them can be detached, therefore you can easily use the trailer as a regular everyday utility trailer in case you need one.

And the best part of it all?  Owning larger RV of any kind will usually present the storage problem. As with the camping tent trailer, you can simply tip it on one side and lean it against the wall of your garage for winter storage. A real space saver!

Camping Tent Trailer Versions

There are quite a lot of manufacturers on the market, meaning that there are just as many different concepts and styles to choose from.

Whatever the concept, the main tent is covered either by a soft cover (tarpaulin) or a hard top and comes up in a few minutes. After that you have to take care of other accessories like the awning, the additional bedrooms, poles, pegs, strings and so on.

The various materials used for the tent canvas are modern day light and rot-free durable materials that will last for many years of adventures.

If you want to see a camping tent trailer being set up in world record braking 32 seconds and some award winning designs, check out the Dutch Holtkamper and prepare to be amazed. And  just to let you show that setting up a tent camper in less then 12 minutes is actually possible, take a look at this Dutch Holtkamper video setting up their latest model...the Kyte!

Small tent campers will sleep anything from 2 to 10 persons, with the prices starting at around €4000 and moving all the way over €10.000 for better equipped models.

Don't look for showers and toilets here. You can use an outside shower extension if you have running water or a solar shower and the portable camping  toilet, if you don't like wandering around in the middle of the night.

A smaller or even better, an off-road camping tent trailer can be used as an expedition vehicle. Other camping trailers of these type belong in campsites, unless you find some other perfect camping space...

Amazon always has some great camping solutions on stock. Even a few cargo and tent trailers along with tons of camping gear and anything else you might need for a camping trip. The search box below is all yours...

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