Camping Water Purifier

A camping water purifier is a must camper accessory, if exploring and van camping in remote places of the world is your way of life.  Remember that  a purifier and a camping water filter are two different appliances as described in this article. For any serious treatment, a purifier is what you should be looking for.

You may travel to Africa, Asia or just the mountains around the corner in the comfort of your camper van. But no matter where you go, It's likely that the water will usually be contaminated with something worth taking care of.

Approximately two million tons of waste-water are dumped into rivers and lakes around the world on daily basis. Severe use and abuse of ecological systems, agriculture, ever expanding cities, industrial plants, tourism and so on have strong impact on natural water resources.

Infection by bacteria, viruses and protozoan is a common inconvenience, well known to keen travelers.

Even the most remote stream of water up in the mountains can be contaminated by animal waste and of course, dead animals.

Using Your Portable Water Purifier

In addition to facts above, water also contains chemicals, so a camping water purifier really is a must, unless you're able to carry lots of bottled water with you.

Camping water purifier

And don't forget that even tap water is always different if you travel frequently and it will always contain some sort of contaminants.

Boiling the water will usually kill most of the bacteria and viruses if you boil it long enough, but the chemicals will stay exactly were you left your water.

As the native Berber in Morocco told me, discussing their local water over a smoking shi-sha (water-pipe); Our water contains different bacteria then yours, that's why you can't drink it.

And I do have a sensitive stomach...

You can treat water either by using chemicals such as Iodine and Chlorine. Some people may be allergic to Iodine, so Chlorine is an excellent alternative. Both are added to the water and need a few minutes to clean it thoroughly.

If you don't want chemicals in your body, there is also a large selection of non chemical water purifiers available on the market. These portable water purifiers use special kind of carbon filters or UV-light for water treatment.

The carbon purification process can reduce or remove organic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and other chemicals. It all depends on the density of the carbon filter cartridge, so expect filters with lower density to be less effective and allowing some metals and bacteria to slip through.

The UV-light purification system is effective on bacteria and viruses, but it will not remove chlorine, metals and other chemicals. You will need an additional activated charcoal cartridge water filter for this process if you wish so.

Steri Pen for example, is a small and lightweight UV-light portable water purifier that fits in a bottle and in your pocket. Among many other water purifiers, this company can also equip you with a battery free UV water purifier, so you don't have to worry about empty batteries anymore.

Choosing A Camping Water Purifier

The terms "water purifier" and "camping water filter" can be sometimes very confusing, so let's take a closer look at these two water cleaning methods.

While water purifiers take care of microbiologically unsafe water, ordinary water filters merely eliminate bad odor, chlorine taste and lower the concentration of calcium carbonates.

There are a quite a lot of different camping water purifier systems available on the market, therefore it's important to know where will you be using them.

Depending on the method used to purify water, some of these portable water purifiers will not fully purify your water, so take your time and compare different models available.

I recently discovered that a famous portable water filter that is used by the millions around the globe, merely eliminates bad odor and lowers the concentration of calcium carbonates, therefore should not even be called a filter, so SteriPen is a much better solution.

Remember that it's you that will be using the camping water purifier for your drinking water. Contaminated water can cause a lot of unpleasant trouble and even severe sickness in some cases, so quality is an important issue in this case.

Amazon has a lot of filters and purifiers always available. Check out all the reviews in the search box just below from other customers to get a second opinion. It will be much easier to decide afterwards.

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