Das Super Syncro

Having a 3l V6 Nissan motor, HD suspension, extra fuel plus a fresh water tank, two radiators, two batteries and an oil cooler, Das Super Syncro goes anywhere and is very comfortable to live in when you get there. It started life as the 1989 Syncro Microbus featured in Endless Summer II.

It has done many hard 4x4 trails, once running up an incline where a Pajero had to be winched up nad once cruising up a hill where a Hilux needed three attempts.

A massive air conditioner had to be added and sucks massive power, but when you're hot, you ain't comfortable.

The brakes have been upgraded to Caravelle discs up front and old front discs fitted at rear and amazing improvement over standard.

We have left the interior standard apart from tinted windows and curtains since it still sees service as a people carrier, but a strap un fridge and an all-over tent make it quite civilised.

It can cruise at 150 kph or idle over rocky roads. For long trips it's the only way to travel. What we blow on fuel, we save on accommodation.

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