Dream Come True

My love began in the late years of high school, early years of college. Tried to buy a 70's pop top but was a few bucks short.

Flash forward 20 or so years and I am working at my family's RV dealership in WV. A couple bring their Eurovan camper in a few times for minor repairs over the course of several years. When it was in our shop I would pop the top and just sit in my dream bus. Last time it came in, about 2 months ago, my good friend and coworker told the owner if he ever wants to sell let us know.

He stopped in, I called him back and now own an awesome 2000 euro. The folks are Westie fanatics. This being their third starting in the 70's. this bus has rolled. These folks did 11,000 Alaska round trip, Nova Scotia, and many more. After the thaw, my girl and myself plan on making our own memories in this dream come true.

Hunter Heim
Fairmont, WV

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