Easy Camping Recipes

The best easy camping recipes and the best food to take camping?  Make it simple as possible and be resourceful.

There is no single best answer to the questions above, but that's all right. Everybody has their own favorite camping food ideas, so why not share them with each other. Tasting something new is always a great pleasure, isn't it?

Cruising around the Mediterranean parts of Europe in my camper van, always takes me to the laid-back lifestyle and the excellent Mediterranean food. And they do things the easy way here...

Now, I'm far from being a Gourmet Chef, but I can sure prepare a descent Med-style meal even from scratch if I have to. It's actually all that easy...

Easy camping recipes

My camping food ideas are usually inspired on the spot by the local home grown and fish markets. All the fresh fruit, vegetables and, oh yes, the spices. My wife usually says that I simply loose it on this markets. Meat is rarely on my plate, so I have one thing less to worry about.

You need to be creative for camping recipes. What you see on the open markets definitely sparks some plugs and besides that, this is the best food to take camping you can get.

Easy camping recipes is something you learn by experience and a little bit in recipe books and websites, which you can take as a general guide. Mix all the knowledge together and you'll come up with some great camping food ideas. Well, that's the way I picked up everything I know.

Traveling around usually also means meeting a lot of other like minded individuals as myself. And with some of them my wife and I just get along so well that a good camping meal and a bottle of local wine is absolutely unavoidable.

Easy camping recipes

Uff, talk about camping recipes...makes me so hungry that I have to grab a bite to eat now...

My all time favorite is any kind of food over a camping grill. Seafood, vegetables, grilled potatoes and so on. I adore the sizzling sound, all the mouthwatering aromas and the wonderful taste of grilled food. Wash all that up with a nice glass of wine...ahhh.

But I don't want to lecture you about my camping food on this web page.

Care To Share Your Easy Camping Recipes?

I only have a limited amount of recipes up my sleeve, and I'm aware of the fact that you probably have a different taste for food than I do anyway...

So the next time you head out for your next adventure, with your camper refrigerator all packed up with camping food ingredients, remember to stop by my website after you get back home and...

...I'll let you write about...

...Your Easy Camping Recipes

At this point I'll hand it all to you, and let you be the Chef of this kitchen and the recipe writer. I know that you have many excellent camping recipes in your camping book and I would really love to try them. Fish, meat, stews, salads, anything that you really enjoy.

If you enjoy preparing, cooking, grilling and of course eating your easy camping recipes as much as I do mine, please feel free to share them with me and many other hungry camping food enthusiasts from around the world visiting this page!

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