A Perfect Naturist Holiday!

Euronat is one of the largest and most famous naturist resorts in Europe. It's located on the south west Atlantic coast of France, the land of great food and wine, with lots of medieval history and golden sandy beaches to keep you busy at all times.

If you enjoy camping nude close to a splendid sandy naturist beach and like to have everything at the reach of your hand, this is a place to keep in mind for your next naturist holiday.

With a touch of my sense of humor and a bit of healthy sarcasm, this place has just about everything, but it's own airport...

The beautiful golden sand and the only European dunes (The Dune de Pyla) to go with, together with lots of old pine trees in the backgrounds, all that is a part of France running from the heights of Bordeaux and all the way to the border with Spain. It's known as the department of Gironde and it offers some of the best camping in France facilities.

So drive in with your camper van or just fly to France or any other European country and rent one . Or just do it any other way you wish to and visit this resort. It's worth it.

Euronat is situated in a well preserved natural habitat. It's frequently visited by young families that take naturist camping the easy way. Therefore, no bathing suits on the beach or at the swimming pool but you can walk around the resort the way you feel like it.

Euronat swimming pool

If you don't own any camping gear or never thought about joining the camping world up until now, don't worry about it. Euronat offers chalets, apartments and even equipped tents for you to enjoy.

And just in case you desperately fall in love with the beauty of this place, well you can also buy property here and choose a chalet of your choice!

Around The Resort

This is a large resort that spreads on 335 hectares by the way, so believe me, there is more than enough activities available at all times.

  • First of all there is a large, long and safe beach at your disposal.
  • Don't forget the excellent swimming pools for all ages and seasons.
  • You can choose between a large number of sports such as biking or just hiking and walking around whenever you want. There are more than 40 other activities you can choose from, so I guess nobody get's left out.
  • You can spend hours just exploring the vastness of this resort.
Play time at Euronat
  • In the main season you have a choice of various arts and crafts classes, such as pottery, sculpture, drawing and so on. A great way to discover hidden talents inside yourself...
  • Feel like riding a horse? No problem, just ask so and Euronat has.
  • And if all the daytime activities don't wear you out for some reason, you can consume the rest of your energy dancing and listening to music or just go to the cinema.

It's All About The Water

Water is considered the elementary element of life. Therefore many of the naturist campsites have either an outside or indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, aquatic fitness center, etc. There are also professional therapists, beauticians and masseurs and much more to put your body and soul back in shape.

Horse back riding on Euronat beach

Euronat is by far no exception here and beside the outdoor and indoor swimming pools offers you Thalassotherapy. So when your mind, body and soul need to get back in shape, you can relax and enjoy various treatments and massage techniques from around the world.

Just in case you don't feel like wondering outside this naturist resort and just enjoy your life for the moment here, well they have everything you basically need.

Bakery, market, butcher, restaurants, bars and just in case you want to get your hair done...a hairdresser.

Remember that this is a large resort, so don't forget to bring along your bicycle if you have the choice. But you can rent one if you wish so anyway...

The beach at Euronat naturist resort on the Atlantic ocean

Euronat is a part of France4Naturisme. Catering eleven naturist resorts in France, this organization promotes the freedom of your life-style in a healthy environment throughout France.

This is by all means naturist camping at it's best.

There are times in your life when you feel like traveling and driving a Zillion miles in three weeks. Then again, sometimes you just feel like chilling out and relax yourself for a while in a natural habitat.

This is just a perfect place to do so...

Naturism in France has more then a lot to offer for an relaxing naturist holiday, and it comes to many as a surprise. Actually, France offers some of the best naturist camping facilities in Europe.

If you wish to learn more about naturism in France or the wonderful world of naturism itself, please feel free to take a look at some of the books available from just below.

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