Europe Travel Tips And Cruising Around With Our Twins

Europe travel tips was an idea that crossed my mind on our recent trip through the European Alpine countries and all the way down to the picturesque Provence and Cote d'Azur in France. To navigate around, we used a couple of books and a Europe travel map.

My wife and I spent a month traveling with our twins that were just a bit over two years old at the time. We started at the Bavarian Alps, passing down through Austrian Alps, the Italian Dolomite mountains, the Alpine region of Switzerland and France. Here we steered down south, all the way to  Chamonix and further down to the Mediterranean parts of the French Coast and Provence to top it all of.

A 4000km (2500miles) trip needs some previous preparation, specially with young twins on board. But it seems that my wife and I had done so many trips together, that the whole preparation basically boiled down to a good map, a couple of books and some food for the road. Well we did pack some clothing and the regular camping gear of course.

Traveling around in our camper van has obviously become a second nature to us, no doubt about that. But I do keep my camping check list handy just in case.

The Itinerary

The basic itinerary took form using a Michelin Atlas and a great book called The Dream Routes of Europe. This inspiring book describes most of the things we wanted to see in perfect detail with great pictures and the excellent  map points out the most scenic routes on the way  highlighted in green color.

Lake Saint-Croix, Provence

Europe Travel Tips - Traveling around in our Volkswagen camper.

The places we wanted to see and some we didn't even know about are also highlighted on the Travel Map. In this way the book and the map perfectly compliment each other and easily show you how to navigate around and get the best out of it at the same time.

Both publications are a great combination for any trip around the old continent! They're both full of Europe travel tips and ideas.

Now, I'm perfectly aware of the fact that we live in a world of mobile devices and apps, but I bet my money on paper. I got most of my Europe travel tips and ideas for this trip in books and maps.

My Michelin Europe Travel map comes in a large book format, doesn't need power to run on and it has been traveling with me for more than a decade  now. Call me old fashioned and out of date, but when it comes to traveling and reading I prefer books and maps printed out on paper.


Okay, one device I do use is a GPS unit. It always shows me how to travel in Europe with a companion that you shouldn't always entirely rely on, so I always keep my eye on the map. Just in case old "Tom Tom starts to "freeze". Well it sometimes does just that.

We used two itineraries from the book Dream Routes Of Europe, merged them together, scratched off a few things and added a few of our own. The book is otherwise packed with Europe travel tips.

One thing we didn't want to do is rush from one place to another. We took a steady pace, slowly absorbing the scenery and the life around us. We slept in camping sites, camper stops and some other places along the way. And we made sure our twins had lots of fun as well.Take a look at the image gallery below, just to get an idea how this amazing trip looked like.

The first part of the trip was done through the stunning European Alps, streching 1,200km from Slovenia and Austria on the east and all the way down to France on the west.

Click on any image to open  up a larger image gallery.

We turned a page in all our Europe travel tips books and headed down south to the warm Cote d'Azur and Provence, perhaps two of the hottest spots in France. Do I need to say that we had a great time?

With a diverse variety of landscape, people, culture and language, this was one of the best trips we ever did. You just can't go wrong with the scenery in European Alps and Provence.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria and the Stelvio Pass with hairpin turns in Italy clearly dominate with the highest mountain roads in the Alps. The Swiss Bernina Pass strikes with moderate beauty and the famous "Bernina Express" train passing over the mountain.

Provence and the Mediterranean coast of France are among the favorite spots in Europe to travel in a camper van. The ever inviting coastline with excellent back roads, clean rivers, lakes and the Grand Canyon Du Verdon will never disappoint you. Excellent food, wine and many historical sites will keep you wanting to discover the many hidden corners of this beautiful region.

France and most European countries are very camper friendly, so you will find camper stops and camping sites close to every sight of importance. After all, camping in Europe is possible in more then 10,000 camping sites.

And just a tip: Fill up your vehicle with fuel at large shopping centers. It's always much cheaper there!

Books, Guides And Maps

The Dream Routes Of Europe

This is basically three books in one. An illustrated monography, a travel guide, and a rich collection of maps. A perfect collection of some of the best travel destinations in Europe!

If you're coming from abroad or simply need some inspiration about where and how to travel in Europe, I strongly recommend this excellent book here to get some fresh ideas.

The Dream Routes of Europe offers 26 stunning itineraries, thoroughly covered in every detail including lots of great pictures, road maps and other useful information. A book I often use on my travels and believe me, you really get you money's worth here!

Michelin Road Atlas

Based on over 100 years of experience, Michelin road maps and travel guides are simply the best you can find.

Highly detailed mapping on a comfortable format for all European countries for easy traveling. The scale depends on the country and it goes from 1/500,000 to 1/3,000,000. Most important, it includes sites and scenic routes to spice up your travel experience.

The road atlas also includes over 70 town maps, practical and driving information about European countries. The cartography is updated annually for most current information.

Other Online Europe Travel Tips

Every year we use the Eurocampings Camping Guide with the low season discount card for camping sites and I always keep the German Adac Camper Stop Guide in my van. You can find both of this and many other guides and maps at These publications have great Europe travel tips if you like to travel around in a camper van.

The Michelin Europe travel map, mobile applications and many other travel information can also be found at, the original Michelin website that will help you plan your route.

Hope you enjoy the Europe travel tips, publications and the links on your next adventure as much as I do.

Have fun and enjoy your next trip!

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