Folding Camp Chair For You Comfort

Why is a folding camp chair so important? Because you'll be the one relaxing on it and no two chairs are the same. So take your time when choosing your favorite.

Well, you can just walk into a bargain store filled with cheap camping equipment and take the cheapest chair from the top of the shelf. But the chances are, you'll be looking for a better model before the next season. That's not really a bargain now, is it?

So the next time you go out shopping for camping chairs , take your time, compare the different models and see how they fit you. After all, you can even use your chairs in your back yard for a picnic or just to chill out with a glass of wine, so on the long run, it really pays of to get something you're really comfortable with.

Consider some extras such as foot rests, head rests, magazine holders and so on, for a little more comfort. And you can get some bargain prices on after season sales even on quality models, so be patient...

Some Of The Basic Models...

  • The camp seat is a portable lightweight seat. No framework here, all you have to do is unfold it and sit on the floor. Great for hiking!
  • The folding camp chair folds up neatly to compact size do to the special framework and slips into a small camping tent-style sack. Depending on the model it can be either straight-up or reclined and will use either a stainless steel or light aluminum frame. It will use a minimum amount of storage space.
  • The "directors" chair folds up nice and flat and being small enough, it will save some of your storage room.
  • The recliner chair is the king of camping chairs. If you love to rest in comfort, take a nap or read a book, this is the chair you're looking for (and this is from my own experience!). It's not small when it folds, and it takes up a lot of empty space.

Some Folding Camp Chair Q & A

  • Where will you store your camping chairs? Carefully consider the storage space available in your camping van or any other vehicle you'll be using for your camping trip or your holidays.
  • Consider the size of people that will be using the camping chairs. A large and heavy person might find the compact folding camping chair uncomfortable on their thighs, do to the crossbars in the framework.
  • And then again, ask yourself how many persons will use the camping chairs and for what purpose. (fishing, hunting, adventure travel...)
  • Framework can be made either from stainless steel or aluminum and it needs to be light and strong.
  • The choice of fabric is important as well. Consider durable materials that dry fast and don't rot.
  • The ease of folding mechanism is also important, so give it a try out first.

Taking the above points into consideration, and you'll have a better overall picture of what to look for. You can even buy different types of seats to suit your needs in case you have a couple of kids for example. But always consider the storage room issue.

A quality folding camp chair may have a higher price tag on it, but carefully choosing the right model today will enable you to enjoy your chair for many camping trips coming up in the years to come.

The search box just below is from Amazon and here you will find a variety of chairs and anything else you might need for camping or other areas of you life. Feel free to browse around and have fun...

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