A Variety Of Ford Camper Van Versions

I guess you probably heard about Ford camper van conversions by now. But did you know they are based on four different models?

Up until now, you have the American E-Series, the European Ford Transit and the smaller European Ford Transit Connect, which has recently appeared on the American market.

The brand new arrival that appeared in the beginning of 2013 is the Ford Transit Custom and  a direct rival for the Volkswagen Transporter and other vehicles of this range. This is small van, but quite larger than the Ford Transit Connect , therefore a fresh new platform to work on, reaching in the range of the legendary Volkswagen California and many similar camper van conversions.

And if you're thinking about building your own camper van, the Ford van is an excellent base vehicle for a camper van conversion.

Ford E-Series

Ford Sportsmobile 4x4- the ultimate camper van conversion.

The American E-Series,was formerly known as the Econoline or Club Wagon. This particular model was introduced in 1961 as a compact van, and it has been an all time favorite for Ford camper van conversions ever since.

A lot of different camper van conversions have been made and are still present today on this model. Just take a look at Sportsmobile, GTWR or Colorado Camper Vans, each one offering unique solutions.

Ford Transit

Westaflia Ford Nugget - one of the roomiest camper van conversions

The Ford Transit is the European version of the Ford van. In fact the base vehicle is a wide range of cargo vans, pick up trucks and small buses. It was introduced to the public way back in the 1960's, just like the American version.

This vehicle has been constantly used  for a few camper van conversions. The most popular European Ford camper van is of course the Nugget manufactured by the German Westfalia.

Ford Transit camper van conversion.

This particular camper van conversion is available in a pop-top or a hard-top version and has celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2010 with a special edition packed with all kinds of goodies to go with. Slightly larger then the Wolkswagen camper van, this model sports the Westfalia two-room concept, with the seating and dining area behind the front seats and the kitchen and cupboards in the back.

With a large bed on the roof level for both versions and another one made from the collapsible seating bench, there is more then enough room for four people to enjoy the adventure.

The whole concept is based on the short wheel base version, therefore drives almost like a car, it doesn't have a shower room but you can still keep a Porta-Potti portable toilet if you wish so.

The Big Nugget is the longer version with a shower room and some more storage capacity in the back using the long-base Ford Transit van for the conversion.

Other converters use the long wheel base Transit van for their own unique Ford camper van conversions. It's also a popular base vehicle for homemade camper van projects.

Ford Transit Custom

The latest Ford van, introduced in early 2013 jumps right in the class of the Volkswagen  Transporter and other similar rivals  that form a perfect platform for the cargo field, multipurpose family vans or a camper van conversion.

Plenty of interior space to play with, sophisticated and fuel efficient engines and outstanding driving comfort are only three features that strongly stand out.

Westfalia and Reimo  camper conversions

Both of the German well known camper van conversion experts, with a long history in the field, almost immediately introduced brand new campers based on the Transit Custom platform. Westfalia  came out with a smaller version of the legendary Nugget with a bulk head high top roof made in the house as always, while Reimo hits the markets with or without a pop-top  style already used for their Volkswagen camper van conversion.

I have no doubt in the fact, that many others like the British Wellhouse Leisure will follow shortly with their own brand new  camper conversion.

Ford Transit Connect Small Camper Van

This mini van has been around for quite a few years now in and has only recently made it's first steps in the USA. This is a small, easy to drive van that can be used for many purposes.

One of them of course is a mini camper van. Browsing the internet, you'll probably be able to locate some of the converters. And it's an excellent base for a simple homemade camper van conversion, just in case you wish to try out your skills.

The Ford Transit Connect camper van conversion is in most cases a homemade project, however a few professional companies have some really awesome solutions for this van.

This is of course a mini camper van for singles or an adventurous couple. But there is enough room for a double bed and a small kitchen with a cooler.  And it's just so much more comfortable than a tent!

Any kind of Ford camper van has been build on a tough built and reliable Ford chassis for a long time now. There is a new platform coming out in 2013 for the all new Euro/American project. And if "retro look" suits your style, there are awesome looking Ford vintage campers  still traveling around this world, so take your pick.

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