Ford Transit Connect Camper

by Eric Criens
(Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean)

In Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, Chile
Somewhere along the road...
I could park stealth anywhere and safe.
A view to kill...

My small Ford Transit Connect T230L Van 1,8TDCI 81kW diesel minivan was bought second hand in Holland and shipped to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. Then in 2013, I decided to finish the van as intended, as a mini camper and ship it in a container to Colombia... from there I drove in total 45.000 km down south to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina via Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, back into Argentina, down again and across back into Chile and all the way up again...
I am fixing her up again and will continue my travel across another continent.

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