Girls Camping

Girls camping? Well go on girls, whats stopping you...Girls drive trucks, fly airplanes, travel around the world and even live in their camper vans or trailers so camping shouldn't be a problem at all.

Okay, I'm a male and I have been camping since I was a little boy. So when my wife and I met for the first time, we both had our previous camping in Europe and abroad experiences.

Today we have a couple of twins to take care about. But the only way we can imagine our free time is camping in our camper van.
And you can bet that the twins started camping at a very early age.

They were barely three months old when we took our girl and boy (yes, it's a couple) camping for the first time. And it wasn't just camping but almost a month worth of traveling down the beautiful coast of Croatia.

For us, traveling and camping around Europe is a great composition of discovering new places, meeting new people on the road and trying to figure out how this mysterious universe we live in functions. And we do meet a lot of girls camping and touring around the these parts of the planet.

Girls camping - a girl camping by the river and enjoing the sparkling fire

Despite the fact that many "stone age men" still see a girl or a woman as a mother and wife figure behind the kitchen stove, well girls do other things as well and they have every right to do it.

Campers World And Girls Camping

The campers world is not for everyone of course, either woman or man. The fear factor stands out most of the time. But you have to keep in mind that this is mostly do to the mind conditioning we have been exposed to since the day we were born.

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As for camping out in the nature, three fear factors always kind of pop out. Bad weather conditions, bugs and sharing public toilets.

You can also add the fear of the unknown as a general fear factor. A lot of people get all stressed out just by leaving the invisible perimeters of their "so called" secure environment.

So if you're planning on joining the girls camping world, this is what our mother nature and the society has to offer.

You can always check the weather forecast and try to avoid bad weather, get your favorite bug repellent and if you can, take a portable camping toilet with you. But remember that destiny has it's own way of doing things.

Despite the romantic images you might have about girls camping it out, remember that camping is always a bit about roughing it. You will get dirty, sweaty and all wet in a rainstorm from time to time.

girls camping - a girl camping in the mountains

There are pegs to be hammered down, strings to be attached, meals to be prepared and dishes to be washed. This is definitely not a place for long polished finger nails, designer clothes and shoes, and trying to keep your hair in perfect place.

But what you do get is the deepest connection to nature itself. Lots of fresh air, great scenery, walking barefoot or enjoying swimming nude whenever you can. Top that off with a candle, a good book and a glass of wine before you go to sleep and life will shift into a new dimension.

A whole new experience of discovering the hidden corners of our beautiful planet. The more you experience it, the more you crave it.

Whatever you do, always respect and listen mother earth. She is a living being just like you are.

And do loose the fear factors. They're only in your mind and only serve to keep you in a false state of fear.

What Do I Need?

Well a girl knows best what she needs as far as personal hygiene is concerned, that's for sure. And I won't argue with that.

But I do hope your life will be much easier with a few basic camping tips and ideas I came up with traveling around with my camper van.

There is a lot more to discover about camping and traveling around in a camper van, so please take your time and use the navigation bar to find what you need to know around my website...

Just one more tip before I forget. Use microfiber towels. They are compact and dry soooo fast!

Meeting Camping Girls On The Road

Young girls camping and traveling with a camper van rental

Each of the women that we had met on our travels had their own story to tell, but some of the facts are almost always the same.

Young girls rarely travel alone. Traveling with a friend or a group of friends is the usual combination. They may be backpackers or camping around Europe in a car and camping tent combination.

Another great way for exploring new places is renting a camper van at you favorite destination. It's a great companion for both, young girls and mature women that wish to explore the world in a different and more exiting way.

Sharing the rental fee and preparing your own meals will definitely cut down the travel expenses. On top of all these benefits, you get to travel where you want and when you wish so. There is no need to search for food and a room in every place you stay. Hiring a camper van means that you will be traveling in your home away from home.

Girls camping - a woman camping out in her camper van

We met quite a few "older" girls that travel and camp alone as well .

Unfortunate loss of their partners or not even wanting to be in a relationship with anyone was a common answer to the "how come you travel alone" question.

But these women took the helm of their life in their own hands and never looked back no matter how harsh the experience. Empowering girls to go camping and women to travel solo is an important issue here. Why you might ask?

Well the term girls camping is a lot about women taking care of themselves and not being constantly dependent on their partners or friends when things get a bit rough, a common sight in many camping sites.

Some girls know pretty well how to do this and that. And like everybody else they've learned from experience. This is what life is all about. To observe, learn, grow and love.

So are you girls camping out there already? Well, when you get back home you can drop me a line and a couple of pictures just below...

Girls Camping - Your Stories

Share your thoughts and experiences. Let us know if you really enjoyed exploring a certain part of the world. Maybe you can share a couple of camping and traveling tips with us as well.

And a few great photos will be pure magic for us!

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