Go Westy - The VW Camper Candy Store

Go Westy is one of those companies you just might need at some point if VW camper vans are your passion. They sell and restore different types of VW camper vans and they do it with pride and joy.

VW campers are amazing and tough built camper vans, but just like ourselves, they are not getting any younger. Now you can just sit back and watch them rust away when they get too old for you, or you can do something about it and keep them on the road where they belong.

Why throw away something that has worked remarkably well for decades?

The legendary Westfalia camper vans and the Eurovan camper have been one of the most practical all purpose campers vans on the road for decades. Nothing comes close to the pop top camper van concept. And a large community of people around the world is doing their best to keep them on the road.

I guess they have a good enough reason for doing this...

Taking Care Of VW Campers

The Westy crew based in Los Osos California is a part of this large community. A company of friendly folks, devoted to their VW campers. They love them, drive them and work on them. And they hand out the best of their knowledge to keep them on the road.

Go Westy - the Volkswagen camper candy store in California.

They take pride in keeping these remarkable vehicles alive and take their business seriously.

Providing quality parts and service for VW campers is their main mission. And being in business for more then 15 years, they have just about everything you could possibly think of to keep your van in top notch condition.

A full line of aftermarket accessories is available. Anything from books and manuals, interior and exterior accessories, 4x4 Syncro parts, electrical equipment, camping gear and much, much, more.

They even took a step further and designed their own 50W mobile solar panel kit. The panel has a quick-release mounting bracket kit, a tripod and a long extension cord. Basically this means that you can park your camper van in the shade, remove the panel off the roof, mount it on the tripod and find a perfect position for it somewhere under the sun.

All you have to do now is plug in the extension cord into the charge controller and the solar panel. Now you can finally enjoy the power of the sun under the shade!

Definitely my all time favorite accessory!

And if all that is not enough, they got this wonderful young family back on the road and to their new South American Adventure. Check out the video below, it's fabulous...

Restore And Upgrade Your VW Camper

If you need some original equipment for your Bus, Vanagon or Eurovan camper, well guess what...they have that too. Camper parts, mechanical parts, rebuilt transaxles and their pride...rebuilt and upgraded water-boxer engines to give your van more power.

When your VW camper van needs some tender love and care, Go Westy can also help you out with your camper restoration project. Your camper van has to be a restoration worthy candidate though. Rusty and crashed vehicles are out of the question here.

Go Westy thoroughly inspects every worthy candidate they get their hands on for the first time. They will restore the vehicles either for resale or your own restoration. The process is always the same.

Restoration projects are not cheap. But ask yourself one thing...would you rather have a brand new car or a brand new classic legend, where you can live, cook and sleep? Their restored vehicles are as good as new or even better. They also have a warranty on replaced parts and labor.

Keeping your legendary camper vans alive is not a simple task sometimes. But when you run across a devoted group of people like these guys, life gets just a little bit easier.

So if you own and enjoy one of these amazing camper vans or even plan to buy one, and consider worthwhile keeping it alive for some time, the Go Westy crew will be glad to help you out.

Go Westy Crew Having Fun!

After all the work has been done, everybody needs to relax and have some fun. So does the Westy crew. And they do it in style...taking off to Baja in their Westfalia camper vans of course!

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