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Just Kampers is one of the leading companies providing the Volkswagen camper van and Beetle community on a world wide scale with a large selection of parts and accessories needed to keep your VW camper vans, VW Kombi and Beetle on the road.

Vintage VW's are remarkable and legendary vehicles, but the fact is that they're not getting any younger. And if you take part of the large world wide Volkswagen camper van community trying your best to keep your vehicle alive...well, I guess you will more then appreciate a company like Just Kampers.

The legendary Westfalia camper vans or any other Volkswagen camper van conversions have been one of the most practical campers on the road for decades. Nothing comes close to the pop top camper van concept in terms of versatility.

Trying to find parts and accessories for vintage vehicles all around the world can sometimes be a hassle. And this is where a one stop company like JK can make a big difference.

Taking Care Of VW Campers

JK started out like many other similar companies. A couple of Volkswagen enthusiasts in a small garage and...well, I guess you know the rest of the story.

Just Kampers will help you keep any Volkswagen van and Beatle alive.

But it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to become a world wide leading company and these guys had more than a lot of it...

Today, this fairly large and costumer focused company based in Hampshire U.K. provides you with the largest selection of parts and accessories on the Internet market. Some parts are even manufactured in the house, just to make sure you get the most out of your VW's.

World wide fast and reliable shipping is a part of the process here. My friends and I have ordered a lot of bits and pieces here and were always more than satisfied with the service provided.

Restore And Upgrade Your VW Camper Vans

So what does Just Kampers have to offer?

They cover a full range of VW campers models, everything from the early Split-screen from the 1950's up to the latest VW T5's. And don't forget the Beetle mentioned above!

VW T4 camper van conversion.

And for every model you will find everything from the smallest nuts and bolts and all the way up to every part and accessory you can imagine from the inside and out of your bus.

If you are you looking for body panels or new and reconditioned engines, manuals or anything else you need for your bus or camper van, they have a large selection on stock. But do check out the official JK website just to see if they have what you need.

Your VW Kombi will be used for your camping adventures, therefore there is also a large selection of great camping accessories for your comfort.  You can get just about everything here, cups, plates, pots and pans or even an drive away awning, all in one place and a couple of comfy clicks on your mouse. Yes, that easy!

Just Kampers Community

One of the latest JK open day festivals that keep the community alive and cheerful...

There is a large community present on their website with a forum, blog spot, Marketplace and many other features. There is even a special online Build A Bus application which will allow you to build and customize your favorite van just the way you like it.

JK will also take care of your insurance policy in the most cost effective way possible. Just fill out a couple of online forms and see what you get.

But parts and accessories is not the only thing this group of devoted enthusiasts cares about. This great company does a lot of charity work as well. Taking care of people and giving many of them a chance for a better future in the best way they can.

Just Kampers has come a long way since 1989. From the small garage to a top world wide community of VW camper van enthusiasts. A one stop place absolutely worth checking out if VW campers are your passion.

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