Living In A Van And Dwelling On The Edge

Living in a van, trailer or even a car is purely an individual freedom of choice that you can make only if you wish so. A certain moment in this life is usually a trigger point that leads people to camper van conversion camping and the outdoor experience of  true freedom out of the box.

It can be either a divorce, the loss of a dull and mind consuming 9 to 5 job or...You have have finally discovered that there is something wrong on this planet. Just can't connect the dots, can you?

Some people have no other choice, but to live in a van and all they wish to do is climb up the latter of prosperity again. Some try it out just for a moment. Others take it as chance to entirely change the paradigm of their life. Disconnecting from the grid, living in a van and reconnecting to their inner self.

After all...

We mysteriously come to this world, experience a childhood with an large absence of our parents because they usually have to work their buts off just to keep up with the cost of living and in return try to make us happy buying us as many toys as possible.

Then we go through the so called beneficial  and mind conditioning scholar system and the next thing you experience is a dog eat dog mind consuming life pattern of working jobs we usually hate, just to have a roof over our head, food on the table, paying utility bills for no reason (most of natural resources are free by the way) and buying loads of crap we'll never need, just because we saw it on a dumb TV commercial.

A boring monotonous cycle most of us repeat on daily basis. A cycle we have been thought as Normal Life.

Wow...let's talk about exciting here!

Some Things Just Don't Add Up

Did you ever get the feeling that someone behind the scenes is actually pulling the strings? Telling us how we should live through the corporate mainstream media space? Well, it's only for their own benefit and you really need to wake up on this issue.


They tell us how to behave, how to dress, what to eat, and even which medicine has the most beneficial solution to our recent health problem (does it? ) They tell us what to consume to make us feel better, look flashier, happier, healthier and so on.

And they even get to decide how much play time is enough for us. Amazing isn't it? And all we do is follow and obey. Like mindless sheep.

Where is life in this picture? What happened to freedom and adventure? Being creative and expressing yourself...Most of the commercials are sending the message of what you are supposed to be rather than who you really are.

Is this really what you want to do? Is this the only reason you're on this planet?

Get a job and work like crazy 5-6 days a week for the next 40 years until you're all worn out. Buy property. Sell it and get a larger one. It's an investment, isn't it? Follow, consume, obey, become a perfect drone and then die. Oh yes, please do enjoy your life in the meantime...

Society slave

The Matrix movie has somehow become an icon for truth-seekers.

"You're a slave Neo."  Take the blue pill or the red pill...

Which pill would you like to take?

The Mystery Of Life

Allow me to start from the beginning. Have you ever asked yourself three fundamental questions. Where do You come from, what are You doing here and where are You going?

Do you really die? Our physical body does, that's for sure. But what happens afterwards?

And even if you did ask yourself all these questions, I guess nobody ever bothered to answer them. The truth of our existence is all wrapped up in a veil of mystery and only a few seem to care about it.

Define necesity

The astonishing fact is that we live in a world of high-tech toys, famine and wars on the other side for no apparent reason and our governments are all ready to wipe out the entire planet with a touch of a button.


Something the majority doesn't seem to care about. As long as we can stand in line in front of our favorite shopping mall, waiting for the discounts on stuff we'll never need, everything is just fine. In the meanwhile they can push their agenda through the blindfolded masses.

Humanity has their history all wrapped up in a mystery, and has absolutely no clue of their current presence. The clue of our existence? The "shadow people" that are running the show behind the scenes might have a clue...

Who cares man, gimme that brand new whatever with a discount tag on it and then I couldn't care less what happens around me.

Mainstream media mind conditioning. Spreading fear and negative energy as far as I can remember. Seeding, harvesting and surviving on low frequency. Fear is the top ace feeling in this picture. The fear of loss. Fear of something other than this, the unknown.

I happen to believe that all our answers are within, you just have to look deep down yourself to find them. It seems like the only logical solution to the mystery of life.

Mind prison

Why? Browse the net on your own and you will find a lot of answers on this particular topic. Once you begin venturing in the esoteric world of spirituality, connecting the dots gets a lot easier. Just in case you don't know yet, we live in a prison world. It's a prison on your mind. And many just fail to see the prison bars.

By now you'll probably think that I have a problem I have to work out on my own. But have you ever took the time to research the Latin translation of the word government?

Well allow me to take you around this mystery of English language:

  • Govern  - to control
  • Ment       -      mind

Yes, you got it. To Control The Mind. The art of dictatorship has reached the mastery point and the people are still clapping their hands and waving their stupid banners to greet the next dummy figure to sit in the throne.

Long live the King ! All we do is follow and obey. For thousands of years we had the wolf and the sheep. It's a fun game isn't it?

Currently the object of happiness is money. It's a piece of paper worth only the ink printed on and we worship it like if it was the creator in person. Nothing wrong with money as something to exchange goods with and allowing everybody a fair enough chance on a global scale. But only a few percent of paper money is on paper, while the rest of it is stashed down in computers and paper files.

It's just not here, therefore it is only one of the many  illusions of the matrix that we're confined to.


The current and complex monetary debt system is draining the blood from our veins. And only a handful earn the benefits. They get the meat, we get the bones and the skin. The elite behind the scenes are doing all their best to push their agenda and delude us from what we really are and link us to that piece of paper that most of us so happily worship.

It's an illusion or a game if you will. And we're buying it.But we're much more then consuming sheep. They know something we don't, and they don't want to share it with us. And believe me, it's for a reason.

If you still don't understand what I'm saying here, well then you really need to sit down and get a broader perspective. You need to wake up, because you live in a dream world. And it's only yours until you allow it to be so .

It seems like many people are perfectly happy with their normal lives in this society. But if you are able to see the wider picture of the useless corporation rat race, the mind manipulation  that we actually live in, well then it's time for a change. A whole new paradigm.

More people than ever are trying to escape the matrix any way they can. Away from the city madness and deep out into the nature. Cutting most of the ties with the system including your boring assigned workstation (they call it a job) and the society simply by living in your van is merely one of the many solutions to begin with.

People that understand how this well oiled financial slavery machine works, choose to cut as many of the ties possible, get rid of most material junk and move in their vehicles full time.
Some call them nomads, others vagabonds and they probably have some other labels invented by the so called Normal society.

They refer to themselves as the van dwellers and live a free life known as van dwelling. Living in a van and chasing their dreams...

Living in a van, car or trailer  takes away the necessity of material possessions, do to the fact that you only have some much room for your essentials. And it does boil all down to the basics. I spend three to four months a year traveling in my Volkswagen camper only to find out how little I need to honestly enjoy this life. It's called simplicity.

One thing my family has done with a long time ago is buying presents for every dumb occasion that comes around. We live a humble life avoiding shopping malls, restaurants and mass media as much as we can. Well, we live in a village.

Okay, back to living in a van. How to begin your new adventure? Actually the whole thing is merely a perception of your mind.

You sell or donate most of the stuff that you have, build or buy or your own camper, trailer or car, leave the consuming society behind and travel around with a broader and humble perspective of life.

Just like Rachel does...

I know it sounds quite simple, but it takes a much broader awareness from your side. It's a mind shift on a larger scale. Something that might be much harder to work on then spending your life in crappy 9 to 5's and shopping malls. A paradigm we have been conditioned to follow is surprisingly kind of hard to escape. And it is designed to be such as it is.

Once you're done thinking about's time for action.

Living in a van is not as hard as you think once you understand how everything works. You just have to learn how to do it. And if you fear the unknown let me just ask you a simple question from your childhood. You didn't know how to ride a bicycle when you were born, did you? You had to experience the ride in order to learn how to do it, right?

This is what life is all about. To learn through experience and to ultimately remember who you really are. No matter how rough it gets, we're unique and very powerful one form of energy. But until we learn how to unite all that energy...well, we'll be just sitting ducks.

Van Dwelling World Or Living In A Van

Bob Wells is a veteran full-time living in a van person and he also wrote an excellent book about . It's all about how and why to live in a vehicle of your choice. He cuts the ABC of van dwelling to slices and dices.

Bob is a typical American guy, that had previously enjoyed the benefits of the all American dream illusion. A family, the house, the mortgage and lots of toys in the garage. Deep down himself he always knew some things just don't add up but he kind of went with the flow.

His divorce shattered the dream to pieces and he ended up almost broke and living in a small apartment that he could barely afford. Living in a van that he bought with his last savings turned out to be the best decision he made in his life. It was a rough start. But through time he learned everything he needed to in order to survive in his van.

And he never looked back. So if you're peeking into the van dwelling world, all you need to know is written in Bob's great great book about living in a van.

The basics about living in a van like;

It's one of the pioneer books about living in a van from a person that has actually experienced all the ups and downs of the American dream illusion and is ultimately living in a van. Bob does not only live the experience of his choice but even runs a couple of websites and a blog about cheap RV living.

He's one of the people, that found out that we're beings of nature and not consumer sheep.

We live in a world of duality, divided by women and men, languages, religions and so on. The ying and yang thing if you wish so. To divide and conquer may just be a concept to wake us up as a conscious whole or keep us enslaved from a minority.

Being alive in this world is a spiritual experience in a human body. And this is our chance to wake up from the deception we live in and choose our own paradigm. There is a creator of this game and the veil of deception is slowly being lifted.

We all need to stand up as one infinitive consciousness of love, because that is all that matters. That's what we are. It's that simple, but under the veil of deception we just do it the other way around.

Is this so hard to understand?  Well I'm no Guru, but I do seek for the truth. And I'll ask you the same question again.  You don't have to buy what I say, but please tell me...who are you?
As I said, living in a van is only one of the many solutions. A solution to reconnect to your true self.

Do You LIve In A Van?

Share your thoughts and experiences. Let us know if living in a van lived up to your expectations. Maybe you can share a couple of tips of how to make the most out of living in a vehicle of your choice.

And a few great photos will be pure magic for us!

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