Mini Trailers

Cargo Trailers For Your Camping Gear

Mini trailers are a smart and practical way to increase the cargo room of your camper van conversions. They're light, easy to tow and can be used for many other tasks afterwords.

They do come in a lot of combinations and you can always adopt one for your own purposes.

Lightweight camping trailers have been on my mind for a couple of years now. The twins and the dog obviously have their own needs and storage room became a problem.I like to travel light, don't get me wrong here, but the awning, a large pack of dog food, the stroller for the twins and four camping chairs and a table...well it drives me nuts when I'm packing.

Packing all the camping gear in my camper van became a specialty of mine. I actually manage to pack up all the large stuff in the back, but if we have to sleep somewhere on the road...unpacking and packing again in the morning becomes a problem.

Well that means that I have to take a lot of camping gear out of the van. And it's just a bit frustrating doing all that once to often.And I guess that in the near future my kids will have bicycles and I would like to experience canoe camping once again. A nice rack on the trailer will do the job.

Keeping matters simple, two basic types of cargo trailers prevail on the market.

  • Soft tarpaulin or...
Cargo trailer on a Volkswagen Baywindow
  • Hard top cover
My Pongratz Cargo trailer for our camping gear

You can mount bicycle, boat or surf racks on all of them. And once you get back home, you can always use your mini camping trailer to take out the garbage. What I'm looking for here is a lightweight and galvanized steel trailer. Something that will last and do the job properly, if you now what I mean.

There are really not too many choices to choose from. Brand names such as the Brenderup, Pongratz and probably some others offer cargo trailers with covers for your camping gear. The Dutch De Witte Smith is probably one company that offers a full line of mini trailers to meet your camping demands.

And, there are many other smaller manufacturers that can build any kind of a small camping trailer.

So do take your time here, explore and research the different options available or plan your own vehicle. But do let me know about it...

Because I just got one myself and finally...all the camping gear is in that trailer and I don't have to bother with unloading and loading everything a family of four needs every time we stop just for a few days! And it rides like a dream in the back of the van...

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