Naturist Beach

The Natural Way Of Life

Have you ever enjoyed a day on a naturist beach?

Swimming in the crystal blue sea dressed only in your skin?

Well, It's the closest to nature you will ever get.

It was my late grandmother that introduced me to naturism on the island of Hvar in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. I was a little kid back in the 1970's and not really aware of the message naturism held.

But I have somehow followed the path of liberating myself (at least in the summer time) of the rather restrictive society rules for the rest of my life. Dropping off my clothes immersed in a pine forest next to the blue sea in the middle of the summer heat. You just can't beat this feeling of freedom.

Naturist beach

Naturism is a natural way of life in harmony with the nature encouraging self-respect and respect for others and the environment. Being nude is as natural as walking on your feet.

Are there some sexuality issues? Being a naturist means to accept and enjoy life in the purest natural form possible.

Something humanity has long forgotten and is lately trying to get in touch with again (well, at least some of us are). Once you understand this philosophy, you can place sexuality into a more natural perspective.

Even camping sex is just so much more natural and will considerably spice up your sex life. Seriously, try it. For me it's just pure magic.

There are no celebrity stars in designer suits and super models flashing out in the newest line of bikinis on these beaches. Just natural human beings the way they were born.

More people then ever are enjoying the naturist lifestyle and I believe there is a good reason for that.

A naturist beach can be either a public beach with a separate section for naturists and nudists, or a part of a nudist camping site or naturist resorts. Or just a simple secluded beach where people (if any) choose to be naturists for that particular day. My favorite type of folks...

Nudist camping is practiced by naturist and nudists as a way of life in harmony with the natural environment.

Croatia has a long naturist tradition dating back to the early 20th century and plays the leading role in European naturism. There are more than 30 official naturist resorts such as the well known Koversada naturist park and many, many unofficial nudist beaches scattered around on more then 1000 beautiful Croatian islands floating around the stunning Adriatic sea.

Other Mediterranean countries such as France offer many possibilities for a naturist holiday. Try the Euronat Camping Resort In France or some of the splendid sandy beaches on the Italian island of Sardinia. I had one of the best naturist holiday here.

But even if don't find a large number of nudist campsites or naturist resorts, you can always find a naturist beach. Greece for example, does not have a large number of accommodations available, but you will be able to find a secluded beach somewhere around.

You might have to walk or rent a local boat to get there sometimes, but it will be worth the effort!

A nudist beach can be found on lakes and rivers as well. You just have to check around a little bit to find your favorite spot.

Sometimes all you have to do, is listen to your heart and let yourself go in order to find your true freedom. A naturist beach is a perfect place to start to step out of the box...

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