Fun And Simple Outdoor Travels And Activities

I like to spend my outdoor travels moving around using my own body whenever I can. Therefore I use gadgets that are able to offer that in the most natural and fun way. It also keeps my young and
hyperactive twins busy enough throughout the day and helps them go to sleep much faster in the evening.

Hiking, push scooter and the sup paddle board all perfectly fit the
bill when I venture outdoors. They can all be enjoyed no matter what your age, they're great exercise for your entire body and most
important, they can all be done at your very own pace. They are all
year-round activities, well apart from paddle boarding, which really
depends on where do you live and how much attention are you willing to put into winter paddling.

Kick scooters are quite compact and light and can easily be carried in my camper van or on the rear bike rack. The folded inflatable paddle board really doesn't take up that much space and neatly fits in any travel van. Do to their compact size they're both quite easy to store at home as well. And we all know where our hiking gear goes, don't we?

Hiking Outdoor Travels

Hiking or walking with poles is something I pretty much do on regular bases with my dog on trails around my home village. Hiking gear is quite simple and consists of good walking shoes, appropriate clothing and a backpack for some water and food for longer hikes.

I always keep some basic gear in my camper van which is by the way clothing that I usually dress in to anyway. Living in Slovenia and having mountains just behind our house and the Adriatic sea only an hour away requires me to do so.

This is one of the most practical ways to enjoy your outdoor travels. Unless you wish to venture outdoors the rough way and to some very remote places of our planet, walking or hiking can be done just about anywhere. And it does not require other than the basic gear mentioned above. Therefore, please do enjoy nature whenever you can and at a very basic level.

Push Scooter Or Kickbike

A few years ago I saw a modern day push scooter in one of the Croatian camping sites. I've seen them several times after that and it was one of those rare gadgets that attracted me.

Shortly after that I realized that this is probably one of the most exiting and sensible means of transportation, so I started searching the net. Not long after my entire family was equipped with these scooters and all I can say is, well what was I waiting for?

The push scooter comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose anything from the folding models that you can neatly tuck under
your bed or all the way up to large "bicycle sized wheel" specimens.
They're all much lighter than an average bicycle and therefore easier to handle and ride.

This is a vehicle that you step on and push your way around with your feet and legs. It's much faster than walking and a great way to
commute or travel around the city, the country side or a camping site as for that matter.

Riding one will also give you a great exercise for your entire body,
so I'm really surprised at the fact that more people don't use them.
My wild guess is that the world needs to catch up on this one.

SUP Or Paddle Board

This is one of my latest discoveries and one of the most exciting things I ever done. Water is my favorite playground and being able to silently glide standing up on water and explore the shore for hours in a row is really kind of hard to describe in any language.

The sup board proved to be the ultimate discovery vessel this summer. It's all about places that can only be discovered riding on water and countless hours spent purely amazed at the beauty of the landscape.

I get restless just lying on a beach and the paddle board is the perfect activity to keep me busy. On top of all that, my wife and kids love the cruising, discovering and endless jumping off and on the board when it's time to cool of in the water.

We even took things further, bought another board for my wife and now we can each take one of our kids with us. I guess that will only last until they grow up a bit and completely overtake our boards!

Spice Up Your Outdoor Travels

So there you have it plain and simple. If you wish to venture outdoors, the above are my personal favorites, simple, green and fully useful activities that keep me and my family busy for several hours in a row.

Most important is that they all offer great exercise for you're entire body and you get to do it all out on fresh air and not in some air conditioned warehouse. And our outdoor travels in our camper van conversion do have a brand new perspective with all those activities.

Walking and hiking don't necessarily need any special and expensive equipment nor does the relatively cheap push scooter. However, some high end versions of push scooters do have a high price tag on them, do to the advanced materials built in them.

A similar price policy applies for paddle boards, where you can choose anything from all around cruisers up to high end competition racers. The more advanced the material and large sized boards are naturally more expensive.

But they all offer lot's of fun and will keep you active for hours. And the next time I come up with something new and exciting that ads up to the small campers outdoor travel experience, be sure that I'll let you know about it.

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