Reimo - Van Conversions, Homemade Camper, And Camping Accessories

Reimo is one of Europe's leading conversion van camping specialists. A full range of accessories with camping and outdoors equipment is available through many dealers in Europe and around the world.

Founded by camper van enthusiasts, this company has been around since 1980, and these guys with no doubt know their business.

Based in Egelsbach Germany, the company specializes in camper van conversions based on Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Citroen, Renault and many other vans available on the market.

And if you want to build your own camper, they will have all the bits and pieces you will ever need in order to build your camper van.

When I started working on my own Volkswagen pop top camper van conversion, this company was the obvious choice to consider. VW camper vans are their specialty, and they offer all the equipment you need to make everything fit properly. The VW T5, T4 (Eurovan) and T3 (Vanagon) camper components are available in many shapes and sizes.

Pop top camper van roofs and hard/high top roofs, with or without the top double bed are their home products. One of the best on the market, that's why many conversion companies use them for their conversions. So are their certified rear bench systems, capable into converting in a comfortable double bed to sleep on.

Reimo's 30th Anniversary Volkswagen Camper

30th Anniversary Volkswagen Camper

For the "build your own camper fans", they have everything from small screws, insulation, lining, lights, camper windows and quality finished interior furniture. There is absolutely nothing missing here.

They also offer a full range of camping accessories such as dishes, grills, camping cookers, folding camp chairs, folding camp tables, camping lamps, camping tents, sleeping bags, solar panels, generators...

All kinds of camping vehicles are covered here as well. Camping trailers, camper vans and larger motorhomes or RV's. So if you need camper awnings, rack systems, any parts from the gas, water and electrical systems, they are the company to consider.

On top off all the above, they have a large selection of cooling and heating systems, solar systems and multimedia appliances for any kind of leisure vehicle.

Reimo keeps on innovating and improving camper van equipment throughout the years. And on the side, they offer just about everything else you need to enjoy camping and outdoors. And don't forget to check out their dealers around the world on their website!

Just have a peek at what these practical camper van conversion can really do and how they work. Enjoy the video.

 And if you want something out of the problem. They can deal with any kind of individual van conversions for any type of business as well. So remember to check out their website, packed with absolutely everything you need for camping, building your own camper van  or you might even decide to buy one of the many amazing models from their production range.

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