A very versatile vehicle, I use for my hobby of flying airplanes, going to work and monthly camps. We sleep in the back with inflatable bed and erect a drive away awning for the living room and cooking. No electric hook up required, cooking, lights and heating all done by propane gas.

We use my lap top for TV through car speakers, put up blanks on the windows for inner curtains that can be removed in a minute. I use on site wash toilet facilities.

It's a no hassle small vehicle, just take some guy ropes down and drive away leaving the awning and if somebody wants to steal the stuff inside you are either on the wrong site or they really need it.

The Kangoo is a brill MPV, on our way back home we stopped for tea and sandwiches, just lifted the tailgate popped the kettle on and with my wife preparing sandwiches in front whilst looking at Glen Coe. This photo was taken after a 12 hour session of rain and 25mph winds, the awning came up trumps, but you do have to check those lines during winds like that. If you look at the awning I had to improvise and stretch it out a little to survive the gusts.

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