Romahome R10 Solo

by Marcia

Romahome R 10 Solo

Romahome R 10 Solo

Romahome R 10 Solo
Romahome mini camper van

I am a full time house sitter, filling in the void periods wild camping in a Romahome R10 Solo. This is the cheapest living option I can find and living in a space smaller than most peoples' bathrooms is a challenge.

However, some of the poor design issues with the R10 make it more challenging than this needs to be; for me, these center around the bed. It is unforgivingly hard, has gaps, which I have to plug with extra cushions and squeaks worse than a stepped-on mouse.

The R10 also leaks at its most vulnerable points - the zips - & when I approached the CEO of Romahome with this problem, he advised me not to take it out in the rain!

I would have thought that storm protectors, similar to jacket zip covers, would not be difficult to fit at production phase. I have found them difficult to retro-fit.

The main thing I like about my micro-camper is that it blends into most situations & is warmer than a tent!

Happy camping!

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