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Greg from Camper Van Fun

If you enjoy camping and discovering the world with your camper van and find my website helpful, please share this camper van site with other like minded people that you know. I started this site simply because many of my friends and folks down the road kept on asking me same old questions over and over again.

My wife and I traveled a lot with our Volkswagen camper van conversion and the van with a roof tent we had previously owned. Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco and many other European countries are our favorite destinations. They were all great and memorable adventures for us and we couldn't have imagined our life without them.

And if you read this site carefully, you'll find out that we got married on Crete, a beautiful Greek island, and spent a month honeymooning our camper van of course.

I guess that all this nomadic lifestyle that we embraced long ago, runs in our blood. And It's kind of difficult to explain it all to our friends and other folks in a couple of sentences.

That's how this website was born. To share all the information we have gathered so far about camper vans with you.

May I ask you a favor?

Please email your friends and tell them about so they can get some new ideas and even participate with their own stories if they wish so.

And if you have a relevant website or a blog, please add a link to this site on any of your webpages. Your visitors will be inspired by the information you provide and will gladly return to your site, knowing they can always count on you.

Thanks in advance,


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