Versatile Small Campers

Small campers are a combination of various compact solutions that can transform your average vehicle to a comfortable camper in a matter of minutes. These can be either simple things like stretching a mattress across the back seat of your car or more complete furniture modules that keep your camping gear organized and can also be equipped with  a portable cooker, refrigerator and a folding double bed on the top.

The aim here is to fully increase the usability of your daily driver by also using it as a part time camping vehicle for your trips to the unknown. Something that will offer a comfortable and dry mattress to sleep on, enough storage room and allow you to cook your own food and keep it fresh at the same time.

There is no magical recipe here and you will need a larger vehicle to increase the storage and sleeping capacity in case you have a large family or other needs. However you can still enjoy camping and traveling without the actual camper van conversion and at a minimal expense using these practical ideas.

After all, a great outdoor adventure needs a descent pair of shoes, some proper clothing to go with, your open mind and you're ready to go. Because at the end of the day, all you need is a good meal, a quick wash-up and a comfortable bed to sleep on. Small campers have it all, and everything else is just pure, spoiled human luxury if you ask me.

Small campers- the Citroen Berlingo with a roof tent is merely one of the examples.

You may have the largest RV in the world packed up with all kinds of modern day techno-gadgets or the latest SUV sitting on your driveway, but if don't go outside and explore what the world has to offer, well you're probably missing the pure and simple beauty of life.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your vehicle from an ordinary commuter to a camper. You can also combine some of these small campers ideas according to your needs. So lets take a look at some of them and see what you can do.

Types Of Small Campers

Mini camper van ever came to mind? Well, why not? It's a perfect down to earth vehicle for an adventurous camping and outdoors experience for any couple or single. They're simple to drive, easy to park, get great gas mileage and have just enough room inside for a double bed and some storage space. Beats the camping tent anytime!

A camping box is a lightweight and portable module, that fits behind the back seat of most mini vans or MPV's. It's a camping gear storage unit and an optional double bed all in one compact mobile camping box that will transform your daily driver in a mini camper van conversion in a matter of minutes.

The box is usually made from plywood and comes with various types of storage organizers. These can be either shallow compartments or extractable drawers, where you can fit a portable camping refrigerator, a stove, use them for your camping gear or a combination of all three. It pretty much depends on what you need for your trip.

Explore the magic of the great outdoors in a cozy bedroom floating in the mid air. The famous roof top tent is nothing new to this world, in fact it has been around the world since the 1950's. And yet still offers a simple solution of sleeping on the top of your vehicle or trailer.

The whole idea was pioneered and constantly improved by the Italian Autohome, a company with a large range of  roof top tents available worldwide today. Other manufacturers followed the same idea, and today you have a variety of makes and models to choose from.

A travel van is a simple and  practical camper van conversion and your daily driver all combined in one versatile fuel efficient vehicle  if you want to enjoy the world of van campers the cheap and easy way, and for some reason don't need to have a camper van just standing on your driveway until your next vacation time, this is the vehicle that you're probably looking for.

It offers the very basics of van camping for one to three adults and if you need more room, you can always consider one of the many roof tents available for example.

The Ford Transit Connect Camper is a sporty mini van for singles and couples looking for a daily driver and a small camper all in one compact vehicle.

Mini campers are gaining in popularity and the Transit is no exception here. It's easy to drive, simple to park, gets great gas mileage plus you can park it in almost any garage. An excellent adventure vehicle giving camping a whole new perspective.

The Versatility Of Small Campers

As you can see, small campers are a combination of all the above solutions. Mini camper, roof tent, all compact in size and offering all the basics for a great adventure. A vehicle that will take you further and deeper in nature. And small enough to hide for a nights rest without the need to use the camping sites.

The video below clearly shows everything you can achieve with a bit of your imagination and creativity. The Swiss Room Box perfectly describes the functionality of a small camper van conversion. You can travel around the country with it or just use it for your weekend getaway. All that in one vehicle on your driveway or garage.

All you have to do is size down your needs and you can go just about anywhere on this planet. My camping gear check list can help you out here, so feel free to make a copy of it and keep it for your future reference.

And do have a nice and a memorable adventure!

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