Versatile Small Campers

Small campers are...well, small. But honestly, do you need anything more than a great versatile vehicle for a great outdoor world camping adventure?

Well the truth is probably that you don't.

A great outdoor adventure needs just a descent pair of shoes, some proper clothing to go with, your open mind and you're ready to go!

Because at the end of the day, all you want is a good meal, a quick wash-up and a bed to sleep on. Small vehicles have it all, and everything else is just pure, spoiled human luxury if you ask me.

You may have the largest RV in the world packed up with all kinds of modern day techno-gadgets or the latest SUV sitting on your driveway, but if don't go outside and explore what the world has to offer, well you're probably missing the pure and simple beauty of life.

These vehicles can be many things. In fact you can make any kind of a combination from the "toys" mentioned on this web-page to suit your needs.

Types Of Small Campers

I started out with a mini camper camper based on a small and practical Citroen Berlingo van that you can see in the picture (without the roof tent). It was a simple conversion of just adding a wooden frame and a folding double bed above the folded rear seat and all the way to the back door. After many years spent in camping tents a comfortable bed at last!

Small campers- the Citroen Berlingo with a roof tent is merely one of the examples.

A few years later I added a roof tent which was a wonderful discovery. Climbing up the ladder on the roof of my mini camper and sleeping on the top of the world in full comfort listening to the nearby river stream was pure magic for my soul. And leaving all the local ground "wildlife" where it belongs was just a bonus.

It's a great match for a basic camper van conversion or a travel van if you have more sleepy people on board. Two people can sleep in the camping van while another couple can have some fun on the roof. It's just that simple.

One of the best examples on the market today is a sporty and roomy camper based on the Ford Transit Connect camper van conversion. An increasing demand is out for these conversions as folks are discovering all the advantages of these practical campers.

As you can see, small campers are a combination of many gadgets. Mini camper, roof tent, all compact in size and offering all the basics for a great adventure.

The video below clearly shows everything you can achieve with a bit of your imagination and creativity...

Now, how is that for a mini camper? This video perfectly describes the functionality of a small camper van conversion. You can travel around the country with it or just use it for your weekend getaway. All that in one vehicle on your driveway or garage.

Just size down your needs and you can go just about anywhere.

And do have a nice and a memorable adventure!

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