Small Camping Trailers

Small camping trailers or mini trailers are a great and easy to tow travel companions for any kind of adventure.They come in many different shapes and sizes and are build for different purposes.

You're probably wondering about the reason for camping trailers being on a website dedicated to camper vans.

Well sometimes my camper van shows a lack of cargo room for all our camping gear (do I really need all that?). With the twins and a dog around, everything got kind of tight. So I started playing around with the idea of a very small cargo trailer.

I did some research and have seen a lot of great combinations on the road, so I decided to gather up all this information together, just in case you're playing with the same idea.

Either way, there are many other reasons for towing a  trailer and when it comes to traveling on the road, people come up with all kinds of different and interesting combinations.

Small camping trailer matching with a Volkswagen Camper van.

Here is a list of some of the most common camping trailers:

  • Touring around in a small camper van will sometimes expose
    the lack of storage room therefore mini cargo trailers might do the job.
  • The camping tent trailer is a lightweight trailer and presents an evolution between camping tents and camping trailers. They are easy to use and offer comfortable camping.
  • Adventure trailers are tough and all ready for a real off road adventure. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The vintage looking teardrop camping trailers are another easy to tow by any kind of vehicle option. It's also the number one choice for a homemade project.
  • Vintage camping trailers are both. A collectors item and a "flashy on the road" camper when properly restored and taken care of.
  • A small camping trailer is anything else that doesn't exactly fit at the models listed above. A normal everyday caravan so to say.

How To Get A Small Camping Trailer?

The manufacturers are many all around the world. United states, Australia and South Africa are the countries where most of the adventure models originate from. All of these countries have some excellent opportunities for an outback adventure of course.

Many types of these trailers come in a do-it-yourself kit versions. It's actually a great idea as it will save you money and keep you busy for a while, just in case you have nothing better to do.

And you can always roll up you sleeves and build something with you own two hands. Always remember to check with your local automotive regulations, just to see what and how can be done in the country you live.

Most of all, enjoy these trailers as much as you can, because they provide the simple shelter for the best moments in your life.  Have lots of fun and enjoy the nature itself...

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