Multi-Purpose Small Camping Trailers

It was the lack of storage room in my Volkswagen camper van that led me to discover small camping trailers. A  sport utility trailer with a lid to cover all our camping gear and a bike & boat rack on the top was something that would obviously solve my problem. Plus I can use the trailer for various other "household" purposes. Awesome!

Small camping trailers are lightweight and easy to tow travel companions for any kind of adventure. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be hooked on bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks and camper vans. Depending on the model, they will easily carry your grocery, camping or fishing gear, bikes, boats, and roof top tents.

Larger models will do all the above and be your comfortable home on wheels at the same time, with all the basic essentials at the reach of you hand. Small camping trailers are easy to tow and don't need over-sized vehicles to pull them along. Many models use innovative solutions such as composite materials that reduce the overall weight and offer excellent overall insulation of the trailer cabin.

Compact solutions of any kind is what I'm always looking for in the camper world and beyond. And small camping trailers for various purposes perfectly meet this description.
So let's have a look at some of the most common versions...

Cargo, Roof Top, Adventure, Teardrop...

I often see light and handy bicycle cargo trailers in camping sites while traveling around Europe. People use them to go shopping, carrying fresh and waste water tanks from their portable toilets, to go dish-washing or just a ride to the nearest beach. You can equally use them back home for similar activities and I have to say that it looks a lot more practical than any other method of transporting your stuff around.

Larger models are made for taking your babies for a ride. They're neatly protected from the wind and the rain just in case lousy weather comes along. You can also use them for any of the above purposes or even taking your small pets for the ride.

Allen Sports Explorer Bicycle Cargo Trailer comes in a variety of shapes and sizes even for up to two children. You can use them for anything you can imagine.

Sport utility trailers are excellent to carry around your fishing or camping gear all neatly covered with a lid. You can mount optional bicycle and boat racks on top of the lid for extra capacity. These are basically remodeled ordinary utility trailers that you can use at home as well. And you van also get them in custom vintage style.

The camping tent trailer is a evolution between camping tents and camping trailers. They can either be a combination of sport utility trailers and a roof top tent mounted on the top or a fully integrated tent camper. Quite easy to use for comfortable camping trips.

Adventure trailers are tough build expedition vehicles all ready for off road action. These lightweight aluminum camping trailers offer a lot of comfort far away from home. You can choose anything from cargo, roof tent, integrated tent, teardrop and other versions.

Vintage looking teardrop camping trailers are another easy to tow by any kind of vehicle option. It's also the number one choice for a homemade project in some parts of the world.

Vintage travel trailers are both. A collectors item and a "flashy on the road" camper when properly restored and taken care of. The retro life style has a huge community of vintage camper enthusiasts, restoring and rebuilding old trailers and campers around the world.

Small camping trailer matching with a Volkswagen Camper van.

Other small camping trailer that are anything else that doesn't exactly fit the description of the models listed above. These are fully equipped camping trailers with all the essentials you might need on the road. Like the one on the picture for example.

Where And How To Get Small Camping Trailers?

The manufacturers are many all around the world. United states, Australia and South Africa are the countries where most of the adventure models originate from. All of these countries have some excellent opportunities for an outback adventure of course.

Many types of these trailers come in a do-it-yourself kit versions. It's actually a great idea as it will save you money and keep you busy for a while, just in case you have nothing better to do.

And you can always roll up you sleeves and build something with you own two hands. Always remember to check with your local automotive regulations, just to see what and how can be done in the country you live.

Most of all, enjoy these trailers as much as you can, because they provide the simple shelter for the best moments in your life.  Have lots of fun and enjoy the nature itself...

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