So sad it's gone!

by Cathi
(Casa Grande AZ)

I bought a Westfalia from my brother's & Dad's VW dealership (Burley Volkswagen back then) in Akron Ohio on 4/6/1971.

My daughter thought it was her 4th birthday present. She could curl up on the seat behind the driver's seat. We put a portacrib in the "far back" for our 2 yr old for our drive back to California.

I thought he would atrophy in that 'small space' but he found immediately that he could do summersaults in the crib.

We had the Westy for 17 years, rebuilt the engine once after throwing a rod. Rebuilt it w/Porche engine which surprise a whole lot of people when zipping up ramps on the freeway (those who thought they could get ahead of me). Gave it to our oldest son in 1988, who had it for a few years.

Thought of getting a new Westfalia the other day until I saw that they stopped production 2003 or 2004. Guess I'm the last to know. Loved that camper! So sad that they are not producing new ones!

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