Sprinter Van Camper Comes With A Long History

The Sprinter van camper is a diesel powered, cool looking, sophisticated work of art. Known also as a Dodge camper van for the U.S. market, but whatever the name, it is always an excellent base for any camper van conversion.

And it's not just the last 15 years that the Sprinter gained it's popularity. To better understand the quality of this durable vehicle, I'll take you back in the 1970's, when the predecessor of this vehicle van was named the T1.

I do my share of traveling around the Mediterranean Europe and North Africa and I always admire those real adventure travelers driving around in old-timer camper van conversions enjoying life in the slow lane. And the truth is that many of these vehicles are Mercedes-Benz van conversions of all kinds.

Mercedes T1 camper van
A vintage Mercedes camper van camper from the 1980's.

Before Sprinter but still on the road today...

And if you ever wondered, where have all the old Mercedes vans gone, well I found most of them in Morocco serving in any imaginable way possible. And if you have any kind of mechanical problems, the friendly locals can fix just about anything by improvising in their garages.

That's why travelers discovering Asia and Africa often choose an older Mercedes camper van conversion for their transportation. Simple mechanics and bullet proof engine are not that hard to fix in the third world where improvising is a part of life.

The T1 remained in production for long 18 years. The long life evolution was presented in the first generation of the  van in 1995 with the basic body shell also used by Volkswagen LT. In 2006 the current vehicle was presented still sharing the body shell with Volkswagen, which named their van the Crafter.

The New Sprinter Van Camper

Westfalia Sprinter van camper

I guess there is no point in constantly emphasizing the evolution of the engines in this vans. Long have gone the days of underpowered diesel engines so what you have today are state of the art, green and clean, fuel-efficient engines, that make the Sprinter van camper quite fast and comfortable to drive.

In the cockpit you can easily forget the fact, that you're driving a camper van. Beside enjoying the scenery from a high position, you're surrounded with ergonomics and car-like amenities to play with. And don't forget all the safety devices to keep you safely on the road.

Sprinter van camper is a different kind of a home on wheels around the globe, as the conversion companies usually follow the different needs people have in different countries. And you can always build your own camper based on this van to suit your needs.

Here are some most common Sprinter camper van conversions:

  • Westfalia - One of the best European camper van conversions with a long tradition of quality and innovations.
  • Reimo - Top German DIY store and conversion company with dealers around the world. They have all you need for a homemade camper van project and loads of camping gear.
  • Sportsmobile - American company that will meet most of your needs. Everything from a simple conversion to fully self contained camper vans. Pop top camper van roofs and some real adventure 4x4 camper vans.
  • Airstream and Roadtreck - Camper van conversions the American way - style and luxury.
Westfalia Sprinter van camper

My late grandfather was fixing cars up in south Germany, always driving BMW's and occasionally a Mercedes Benz. I was just a small kid back then, and I recall asking him once something about the difference between a BMW and Mercedes.

His reply was...

"The Mercedes is just like an old hard working man. He'll always work and never complain. But the BMW is like a fine young, sexy girl, push the right buttons she'll fly, push the wrong buttons, she'll drive you crazy!"

Mercedes vans have been awarded many times throughout the years for their outstanding technology and design, no doubt about that. But I'll just trust the wise old man as he knew a lot about cars and his women.

Have A Sprinter Van Camper ?

Sprinter Van Campers are all-time classics by now. Some people enjoy their old-timers while others prefer newer models. Homemade or professional camper van conversions alike, as long they serves their purpose...the freedom of travel.

If you have your own Sprinter Van Camper to share, I'd love to hear from you! Old models, new models, homemade....anything you have, I always enjoy reading about them. And there's always a lot of people around the world that enjoy the diversity of different and personalized creations on wheels.

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